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increase thumbnail size in explorer


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I really need to display thumbnails in WinXP Exporer bigger than the biggest possible setting with TweakUI

I want them to display 4 by page and not only 12 per page as they do in the max setting

is this possible?


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@submix8c, I don't think the OP is talking about the db size, but rather the size of the thumbnails themselves - trying to increase their size. But I also, like vinifera, don't understand what he means by "per page", since that is dependent upon the screen resolution and the size of the Explorer window. It would be better if he expressed his request in terms of the desired dimensions of the thumbnails in pixels.

@colore, I don't know if you can increase the maximum thumbnail size in Windows Explorer beyond the current maximum setting. But you could always try using a free third party program such as IrfanView. It has the ability to view thumbnails of folder contents with a wide variety of size options - from 50x50 to 800x800 along with a variety of aspect ratios, optional thumbnail backgrounds, etc

Cheers and Regards

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??? The links I provided specifically state

Now create the "ThumbnaiISize" entry in the same key-this determines the size of the thumbnail. In "Thumbnail Size", you can assign values ranging between "32" for very small and "255" for very large images.
This would correspond to the Size of the Displayed Thumbnail. The Other Value (as vinifera pointed out) is described as
You can then specify the desired quality as a number between "50" and "100" under "Value". Higher values stand for better quality and a correspondingly higher memory requirement. The standard is "90". Confirm with "OK".
So... "255" would apparently cause a VERY LARGE Thumbnail to display, thus reducing the number of Thumbnails displayed in the RIGHT PANE (i.e. "per page"). True or not??? Edited by submix8c
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Sorry. I just read the title of the links and pages - "How can I decrease the size of Thumbs.db files?" and "Manipulating Thumbs.db tiles and obtaining more memory space" and jumped to a conclusion. I'll be interested if your suggestion works for the OP.

Cheers and Regards

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