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/me h4rdKn0cks "Hello"

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First, let me start by saying hello and I'm excited to be here.


Started my pc experience in 6th grade with a C-64 in 1984. Back then I mostly played games and copied some command line script from Commodore Magazine, not very adventurous or respectful of the machine. I ended up breaking the hdd pirating game software from friends and didn't replace it until two years ago. I purchased an iPhone 3GS and that seemed to be my ticket back. I wasn't aware how much I'd missed since those early years...and man have things changed! I remember writing GOTO LINE 10 a thousand times, just to see a blip scroll across the monitor. LOL Needless to say I've got a lot to learn in a short amount of time.


The machine I'm going to be using for this reentry into society is a Hewlett Packard Evo N400c with 384MB of RAM, A Pentium 3 processor and a 20GB HDD. Now before you tell me how wonderful my lappy is, keep in mind...I know! But, she's been consistent so far and we will make do. I have recently been introduced to Linux in the last few years with Mint 8 and recently puppylinux_slacko_531, it has made me really excited to learn computing again. Since my introduction to Linux I ventured out 2 yrs. ago and purchased an iPhone 3GS (not truly understanding the user responsibility) and now I find myself blowing dust off of this lappy just to make it possible to upgrade software versions and manage the device with iTunes. By the way, I am finding a number of men in my line of work battling the same issues. We are all in need of a shock treatment course. Science Fiction is here!!


I'm going to be here to learn how to make a Stripped Down version of my XP Home SP3 operating system, to fit on my 20GB HDD. I'd like to use 15GB for iTunes and use the rest for PuppyLinux_slacko_531. I was thinking slacko_531 would be the OS I would be using, due to its speed but, now I'm interested to see what this process offers. I promise to stick around and pass it on.


I have no problem with making donations for the help I require, please be patient with me though, and thank you ahead of time :hello:

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