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  1. /me h4rdKn0cks "Hello"

    @tain Thank you
  2. Hi! from Tassie

    Hello - h4rdKn0cks
  3. /me h4rdKn0cks "Hello"

    First, let me start by saying hello and I'm excited to be here. PAST: Started my pc experience in 6th grade with a C-64 in 1984. Back then I mostly played games and copied some command line script from Commodore Magazine, not very adventurous or respectful of the machine. I ended up breaking the hdd pirating game software from friends and didn't replace it until two years ago. I purchased an iPhone 3GS and that seemed to be my ticket back. I wasn't aware how much I'd missed since those early years...and man have things changed! I remember writing GOTO LINE 10 a thousand times, just to see a blip scroll across the monitor. LOL Needless to say I've got a lot to learn in a short amount of time. PRESENT: The machine I'm going to be using for this reentry into society is a Hewlett Packard Evo N400c with 384MB of RAM, A Pentium 3 processor and a 20GB HDD. Now before you tell me how wonderful my lappy is, keep in mind...I know! But, she's been consistent so far and we will make do. I have recently been introduced to Linux in the last few years with Mint 8 and recently puppylinux_slacko_531, it has made me really excited to learn computing again. Since my introduction to Linux I ventured out 2 yrs. ago and purchased an iPhone 3GS (not truly understanding the user responsibility) and now I find myself blowing dust off of this lappy just to make it possible to upgrade software versions and manage the device with iTunes. By the way, I am finding a number of men in my line of work battling the same issues. We are all in need of a shock treatment course. Science Fiction is here!! FUTURE: I'm going to be here to learn how to make a Stripped Down version of my XP Home SP3 operating system, to fit on my 20GB HDD. I'd like to use 15GB for iTunes and use the rest for PuppyLinux_slacko_531. I was thinking slacko_531 would be the OS I would be using, due to its speed but, now I'm interested to see what this process offers. I promise to stick around and pass it on. ALWAYS: I have no problem with making donations for the help I require, please be patient with me though, and thank you ahead of time
  4. Brand New user learning to navigate correctly

    From the http://xdot.tk/updates.html website: "Internet Explorer 8 - If you want to slipstream Internet Explorer 8, download this add-on creator and replace the updates mentioned in footnotes 4, 5 and 6. The add-on creator will download the IE8 installer and turn it into an add-on that can be used with nLite. Credits to OnePiece!" How do I replace the updates mentioned in the footnotes? Does the Add-On Creator automatically replace these drivers or manually somehow? Also is there an IRC chat specific to nLite users, you would recommend? After searching the web a bit, doing some reading, I have found a couple of ways to run nLite (Not just one, for guys like me) and I just want to make sure I am doing what will work for me. I am looking to run iTunes with XP Home on a 20gb hdd (15g ntfs & a 5g linux partition) on an Evo N400c. I've been using PuppyLinux_slacko5.3.1 for three weeks now (hence the name h4rdkn0cks) and it has been my introduction to Linux and discussion boards. I would like to accomplish this as painlessly as possible. I am grateful for any advice in reaching this goal. Sorry for the newbie issues. Thanks again for your patience while I fumble around looking for a shirttail and my woobie.
  5. Brand New user learning to navigate correctly

    @-X- thank you very much I wasn't quite sure how to interpret the Footnote changes though. Could you simplify the process of making the changes...not sure what that means. TY If this all works out, I have no problem with a donation thanking you for all of your hard efforts.
  6. Brand New user learning to navigate correctly

    I have deleted everything inside WINDOWS\Software Distribution\Download and it yielded about a 500mb difference. I've also looked into both of the Update Packs. It seems to me, bc of the dates on the comments on: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7184 that this UDC: http://xdot.tk/updates.html is more current. Am I correct? Is there a difference?
  7. Brand New user learning to navigate correctly

    I downloaded all of the Important Updates @ Update Manager web page including .NET 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x, I've never installed XP w/o ticking the auto updating feature from install so, I was flying blind. I thought I would save myself space by leaving the XP SP3 install stripped of any updates. All I was going to do was install iTunes and Audacity (to transfer cassette tapes to .mp3) but, Audacity needed another file to go with it (which needed .NET 3.x to install)...all down hill from there. So, my understanding is that I can use the 3.5gb remaining on ntfs to complete the nLite CD. Is it possible to get a list of files REQUIRED to run IE and iTunes only? So I can get rid of the rest. Is that even feasible? (I cant imagine needing anything else) Thanks again for you time and I'll keep the TITLE in mind next time. TY.
  8. I have just gone through the task of installing XP Home SP3, and updating for 3 straight days. I am running XP on an HP Compaq Evo N400c 384 RAM/Pent.3 20GB hdd w/ a Netgear WPN111 usb wifi adapter and after updates were finished...10 GIG!!! This will not do! The only reason I'm installing XP on this lappy is to manage my Cydia/Jailbreak iPhone 3gs, otherwise I run Puppylinux slacko bc the RAM is so low. My question is, after having read (watched videos) on the subject of nLite, I'm not sure how to proceed. Like I said, I have XP 'freshly' installed in a 15gb partition and puppylinux (ext3)on the other 5gb. Can I do the whole nLite process, in XP, with only 3.5gb of ntfs/hdd space remaining? I haven't done much in technical discussions but, found you guys bc of reading up on Bold Fortune and his list of what each XP file does...man coo dos to that guy. (still never found the list, saw it on a video) Thanks in advance for the help and also to Bold Fortune bc if it weren't for him I'd a never found you
  9. nLite newby question

    Finally some possible help!