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How do I get a Chinese character font on Word?

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I'm sure that this question has a simple answer, but I've searched around and can't find it! I'm using Word 2003 (yes, still 2003, just because I get the functionality I need from it and can't justify spending the money to update yet!) and I need to print some Chinese characters for a project I'm doing. It actually doesn't even have to actually make any sense in Chinese, (because the people reading it don't read Chinese, so they wont know if it makes sense anyway!) I just need to print out several strings of Chinese characters to put below several pictures, as if they were captions for the pictures. I figured there would be some sort of font I could load in, but I can't find one or figure out how to do it. I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone can give me, I need to get this done soon, thanks!

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If I may :unsure:, putting "senseless" Chinese as caption to images is not a "very smart" thing to do.

A lot of people (we are talking of billions) can read Chinese, this way you expose yourself (or the project you are doing or the client you are working for) to either critics (you could inadvertedly write something obscene or defamatory) or to public scorn or however great hilarity. :ph34r:

It is a known case with tatoos, for which sometime senseless ideograms are used, and when the poor guy/gal goes to a beach, he/she finds often a few people laughing. :w00t:



These may interest you:



If I were you I would write down a senceful caption for the image in English (as simple as possible) then input it in such services as Google Translate or similar, then submit the Chinese result again in the translation to English (to check the sense remains the same and - if needed slightly change the original and loop until the bi-directional translation makes sense).


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Start the character map tool of Windows and copy and paste it to Word.

This will work if the OP has the right fonts installed. In Windows 7 I never had to do anything, but when I had XP I would need to install certain things.

To make it easier, if OP can view the chinese characters on the following page without seeing those squares or ???


Then Charmap will work out.

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