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Which service(s)/files does Diskeeper need in order to run?


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So I'm really stripping down a source of XP Pro SP3, and I find that my copy of Diskeeper cannot be installed after the modifications.

I keep getting the following error when I try to start Diskeeper, but it doesn't say WHICH service(s) are the culprit here:

"Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion."

From my own research online, so far I've discovered the it needs the following services to be left intact in the XP installation in order to run properly:

- Event Log

- System Event Notification

- Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

and maybe:

- Alerter

- Volume Shadow Copy

- MS Software Shadow Copy Provider

- Com+ Event System

- Performance Logs and Alerts

- NT Backup

But I am not sure what else it might need, because even with all of those services left intact - it still gives me that "service" error each time.

I attached my last session.

Last Session.ini

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Nobody has a flippin' clue, eh? I need some assistance with this ASAP please, because I need to get the machine in question working, and with Diskeeper operating smoothly on it.

Thanks in advance.

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I know all about Black Viper's Services guides. However - ain't the whole point of nLite to be able to REMOVE/strip clean some of those services? I know which one(s) I REALLY don't need, therefore I remove them from the nLited installations that I make, but which of those might be the one(s) that are preventing Diskeeper from starting up its own service? There must be some dependency somewhere that is getting broken from the nLite removal procedure, and for the love of God - I cannot figure out which removal or services and/or components are causing this to Diskeeper.

I have been scouting the Internet for days now, and with no clear answer. I could, in essence... leave all the services and most of the components intact, but that's not the point of nLite. I want to remove ALL the crap that I don't actually need, and ONLY keep the components and services that Diskeeper needs in order to run. It is the only application I cannot figure out how to make work with the minimal amount of services...

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Jeez.... I really don't know. It must be something that is removed or tweaked that is causing it to not start. The exact same copy of Diskeeper works on an untouched XP Pro SP3 machine, but doesn't work on an nLited one. It definitely has something to do with service removal, but I'm not sure which one(s) might be breaking it...

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Well if you've got it working on an untouched XP, then start disabling the services that you removed in the nLited build ONE AT A TIME until you find which service that breaks it.

Cheers and Regards

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Update: I decided to sacrifice Diskeeper for speed, and ended up stripping about 90% of all services and functions except the ones I actually need. I will just use my second favorite disk defragmenting program on this particular computer, but all the rest got my copy of Diskeeper running on them. :)

Thanks for your help guys! Maybe someone else can figure out the answer to this issue and post their findings in this thread...

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