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Windows 7 Starter was alright. Though I downgraded to Windows XP because it was too bloated and it lacked simple features. I like how Windows 7 is more stable and gives me more options for network diagnostics, but otherwise it's a step backwards in terms of Windows.

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Starter is bottom-of-the-stack, so to speak. Doubt if many folks even bother with it. Chances are, they use the "Anytime Upgrade" our outright purchase one of the better retail versions.

Bluntly, YES, it is a step "downward" from XP (Home, even).

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I wouldnt bother with any of Microsoft's other editions of Windows 7 unless I had a faster computer. I'm not upgrading until they pull the plug on support for Windows XP. Otherwise it just seems like a massive waste of time to me.

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