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Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions


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We have a winner!


The key difference were company logo on the chest, company logo on the sleeve, and white string. (shirt color doesn't count since it's too obvious).

The white string is important since that's a huge deal at Apple:


That really is mind-boggling. :blink:

So, ok, just as promised, here's the poor man's start menu:

Thank you! :yes:

Windows 8 is saved!


Every little bit helps to make it less intolerable. Although I do go back and forth between wanting Win8 to stay as bad and unpleasant as possible, and wanting it to improve. I guess that improvements could at some point bring it to a threshold of tolerability, and maybe that's what MSFT is hoping for with the promised changes coming in Blue. But in order to ensure this they'll have to play it safe and give (back) more rather than less. Enough changes like this and one could even start moving from grudging toleration to enthusiastic endorsement.


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So how many Windows 8 licenses have been activated? ( NeoWin 2013-05-07 )

There's only one real way to know how many working Windows 8 PCs are actually out there in use on this planet; Microsoft almost certainly has online records that note when a new version of Windows 8 has been activated. Unfortunately, the company has never bothered to state just how many Windows 8 PCs have actually gone live. Indeed, there's been no such numbers revealed for any of Microsoft's previous versions of Windows.

Instead we have to make guesses ...

I swear this guy read my comment above ...

One inarguable fact is that Microsoft does in fact know how many copies of Windows 8 are activated and in use. Another inarguable fact is that they continue to not report it. Don't worry Steve, in the absence of factual announcements we'll just have to fill in the blanks.

:thumbup Two Thumbs Up for noticing the same thing - no real data emanates from Microsoft, as usual.

Anyway, the MetroTards won't accept this theory and come up with all kinds of things like the fact that there are so many more computers now so percentage doesn't count anymore! Yep, the same 'Tards that point to Windows XP slow start as seen in, wait for it, marketshare percentage. Jeez Louise. :blink: And one of the most shameless MicroZealots ( almost certainly a Softie ) spreads classic distractive propaganda by citing Mac and Android lower marketshare, even though those operating systems ARE NOT AVAILABLE as an option from any OEM or anyone else for that matter. This argument is approaching "Big Lie" status now. I suspect he is a Softie because they all appear to all brainwashed to have obsessive compulsive envy for these so-called "rivals" and to them this illogical argument makes perfect sense. :yes:

Microsoft: Windows 8.1 will be available in June as a public preview ( NeoWin 2013-05-07 )

In addition to stating that Windows 8.1 will be available at BUILD, Larson-Green also talked briefly about the Start menu, saying that it would not be returning. What is important to note is that she did not say that the Start button was out of the question, so it could be possible that we will see the button's return much like the developer preview of Windows 8. This aligns to previous rumors regarding the Start button's return that indicated the button would simply return users to the Start screen.

So there you have it. It's over for Microsoft. They have refused to extricate themselves from the mother of all f*ckups. Despite all the comments, criticism and turmoil for two years they are intent on backing up the Titanic and ramming that iceberg again and again. I am actually surprised by this. I knew they were tone-deaf and arrogant but I assumed adults were still in positions to affect change when huge errors arise. That assumption was apparently incorrect. Never in history has a company voluntarily destroyed its #1 signature brand in such a high-profile fashion. This is like the Charlie Sheen meltdown now. These people are incapable of rational thought. They are flushed with cash as always from their version of the Intel Tick-Tock cycle and because of this they believe they are invincible. They are like a drunk driver or heroin abuser that ignores everything people tell them. Truth be told, they are vulnerable now. One more economic catastrophe and most consumer wallets are gonna close tight. They might pick up the odd, inexpensive device but they won't be splurging for Microsoft garbage, no matter what cost, especially the outrageous $199 or more they want since the firesale ended.

So congratulations MSFT! If you didn't hear us for the past two years as loud and irate as we were, you will never hear us. You have infused Windows XP, Vista and 7 with many extra years of longevity, perhaps even immortality. I said this way back in this very thread and now I believe it is fact - Steve Jobs did not die, he is haunting the halls of Microsoft possessing the bodies of Ballmer and Sinofsky, and now JLG. Simply astounding!

Go Julie Go! ...


Jumping The Shark, nobody does it better than Microsoft!

EDIT: typo

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The great Dottie pulls a new one:


Guys. This will never happen. Notice on the desktop how Metro popups and flyouts appear now instead of old dialog boxes. The old code for those old boxes was removed from the codebase. The code for the Start Menu was removed from the codebase.

Little by little, old code is being replaced with more efficient and streamlined Metro code. I'm confused why no one here can seem to understand that. Just look at the leaked Metro CP in Windows 8.1 - we finally have a unified Control Panel! It's guaranteed to replace the old one and all those horrible, disjointed CP control boxes in the near future. After that happens, the old Control Panel code will be removed as well.

Is HQ aware that he's spilling out company secrets?

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I think its fine that Adobe killed Fireworks. I had used the CS4 version and they haven't really done anything to it compared to Macromedia's MX 2004 version, with the exception that you can use Bridge with it. It was kinda disappointing. And that is to say that even MX 2004 has few differences compared to Fireworks 2. I think the only one that I can recall is some bug fix where you could easily crash Fireworks 2, but I forget how that works. Anyways, Fireworks had its place in Macromedia's suite but it became just extra baggage as an Adobe product. Anyone buying an Adobe suite is probably going to be using Photoshop.

But regarding sagging Windows sales... or PC sales altogether. I have some ideas about that. Its not like people aren't buying Windows because they are buying Apples or even Linux machines. I think that it might be the natural saturation of PC in homes, which is going to be the driving force for the sales numbers. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a computer in their house already. So the consumer market is slowing because most sales are replacement PCs, rather than new ones. The enterprise channel will always be there so those numbers should stay fairly consistant.

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Interesting. The chart shows that Windows 8 sales have dropped steadily from over 1,400,000 a day in the first month, to about 520,000 a day -- and are still dropping. (And yet the Neowin writer says that it's "selling considerably well.")

Incidentally (and this is not a crucial point), if the chart is correct, then the initial drop came well before the January deadline for getting the cheap $40 introductory price.


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But regarding sagging Windows sales... or PC sales altogether. I have some ideas about that. Its not like people aren't buying Windows because they are buying Apples or even Linux machines. I think that it might be the natural saturation of PC in homes, which is going to be the driving force for the sales numbers. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a computer in their house already. So the consumer market is slowing because most sales are replacement PCs, rather than new ones. The enterprise channel will always be there so those numbers should stay fairly consistant.

Makes sense to me. In my mind, this means that the PC market isn't imploding, as some people believe, but rather that it's reaching a steady state where, as you point out, new sales will more or less balance out obsolete or broken-down machines. This market will remain at a level of some hundreds of millions of sales per year. They're the ones who will get scr*wed by MSFT's obsession with making it in the mobile segment.

The greatest potential for sales growth is now in emerging markets, where not every household has a PC yet. However, they're nipping that growth potential in the bud with the introduction of more-expensive touch-enabled devices, which will nudge computers out of reach for people who can barely afford a PC now as it is.


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When you change something in your product and 8 MILLION PEOPLE DISLIKE THAT CHANGE... ( http://www.neowin.ne...total-downloads ) something is SERIOUSLY wrong.

But those at Microsoft are fools, they will never "get" it. Removing Aero Glass was another foolish thing they did. The engine is there, everything is there, but the fools at Microsoft think they know better what people should like or dislike. Forced ugly theme upon their users. Typical "developer" arrogance mixed up with other fools at Microsoft.

As you can see, it's all in there: http://www.foolsdesi...c.php?f=1&t=100 ...but those fools removed the shader from the theme. What's wrong with options? A LOT, according to Microsoft.

They rather have stuff like this shoving down people's troat:

Caption: http://www.foolsdesi...ic.php?f=1&t=11

Active buttons in Windows 8, a mind trick: http://www.foolsdesi...ic.php?f=1&t=19

Or like, just see this: "Windows 8 - The built-in moronic pop-up called "Charms bar"" http://www.foolsdesi...ic.php?f=1&t=89 it makes you want to cry. :realmad:

They and those shills at Channel 9 are nothing, nothing but fools and empty shells following other corporate fools: http://www.foolsdesi...ic.php?f=4&t=53

EDIT: Although, personally I don't think it is being "shills" or just "fools following other fools". It is more than that. The rotting corporate culture at Microsoft and their YES-men in Channel 9 is a kind of sickness, a psychotic illness most likely. If they would have the power, they would dictate what color your walls in your room would have, of course, all playskool colors. Most of them are absolutely psychotic deranged people, dictating even smallest things like a theme for your desktop on people AND going out of their way to REMOVE the option for anyone who wanted Aero Glass theme. Attacking anyone who comes up with a critique or wanting to have a option for other themes or colors. Nothing less than a psychotic illness could cause such behaviour. These are the kind of people who would gladly work at Nazi death camps. I'm sure of it. These kind of people are highly dangerous to society as a whole, especielly if they come into power, anywhere, be it government or just a theme-designer at Microsoft. They should be studied and there should be books written about them to help educate others and perhaps some day we could find a preventive measure on how to deal with a psychotic illness like this, which makes the people having this illness feel the urge to force their views and even their TASTE of colors on to others.

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Neowin: H8ters are dangerous. REALLY dangerous:


Apparently, those that choose to flame Windows 8 see the more obvious touch support as being a bias.

That is despite a trainload of data showing that ModernUI (and the applications thereof) are just as usable without touch. (Yes - I have heard EXACTLY that in terms of criticism of ModernUI.)

I call that sort of behavior "I don't want change AT ALL!" syndrome - reminds me, all too painfully, of extremism politically.

I have no problem with individual users not liking the excision of the Start menu - I've even pointed out why (in my opinion) it's understandable. However, it's one thing to have an opinion - it's quite another to trumpet said opinion as fact, despite a trainload of data that disproves the factual context.

That is MY beef with the anti-8 flamers.

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