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  1. Hi all, long time no see. Anything new regarding Windows 10? I was a bit busy. By the way: Free speech is truly dead. I posted a criticism about a popular video game in a VG forum - post got deleted. I posted it then on reddit, post was made "invisible". A frigging video game! It wasn't even a new one. Amazing how many techniques to censor are available by the way: Shadow banning and the like.
  2. Is that picture for real? Smilies?
  3. Three months ago. About the notebooks: Do Intel core i-6000 CPUs work without a fuss with Windows 8.1, still? I remember Microsoft's fear mongering that they would stop support for newer processors on 7 and 8. I am a bit out of the loop, because the last months I haven't dabbled in all this at all.
  4. So, after a long hiatus, I am back. Missed something important? By the way, need some advice: What new notebook model works with Windows 8.1 without any fuss? Price range is mid tier.
  5. Very fitting though. Ninjas were spies, saboteurs and murderers. Windows 10 spies on you, sabotages your settings and killed the Windows franchise.
  6. I don't know.. Enterprise might be safe, but so was Pro until recently. Who would have thought they would remove group policy settings there to force ads with an forced update?! So anything goes now. Microsoft behaves literally like a villain. I would stay away from Windows 10. It's just too much of an liability. The forced change to the group policy settings was the final evidence. There's just about nothing they stop at. Even I didn't think they would go THIS far. I guess their telemetry showed that more than enough people used gpedit to stop their crap, that's why they have d
  7. Woah. And this (together with unkillable Cortana) is coming AFTER the terror of GWX comes to an end, and despite Windows 10 not reaching it's one billion goal. Imagine that! One would think they would go this ultra-agressive after reaching their goals at least and having everyone in the basket - but they are moving into full cyber-bully activity now. Imagine their behavior if they will really reach the one-billion goal! Holy heck! This will be literal cyber-terrorism on the users. You just have to avoid Windows 10. There is no any other way around it. The signs are clear.
  8. W10 is the malware in this case. Just like ransomware encrypting files. It’s amazing that this piece of s*** OS called Windows 10 will apparenty cost real money in every case in August. It must be the first time adware costing real substantial money. All this crap would only be bearable if this POS would be completely free of cost in all cases. Fitting out a whole office/household with Windows for free, with no prior licenses, and getting app recommendations, office ads, crapware resets and privacy issues in return? Worth thinking about. Getting all that AND paying mon
  9. Age-ism is the dumbest bias ever. Another evidence that tech-smart doesn't mean wise. Unlike other biases, you WILL experience your own bias too. 100%. It's laying the groundwork for your own demise. Especially crazy when it's about middle agers (40-50). If you're in your 20s or early 30s you're voluntary shortening your own productive life span to a tiny amount. That's just colossally peabrained. Especially given the fact that the average lifespan still increases. Every twentysomething being able to count two and two together should get it how self-harming that is. I did when I
  10. FFS! So I’ve made an ISO, re-installed Windows 10 “clean” (whatever that means given this OS) and removed some of Windows 10’s own crapware (Get Office, Skype Video, some other built-in apps). Then I ran Windows Update. After Windows Update ran, those things which I have de-installed before (right-click on tile, de-install option) reappeared again! WHAT A CRAPWARE POS! I am really angry. Realplayer had more respect for the users than this. Now it seems some crapware icons are stuck as well somehow, because the entry for “Skype Video” won’t go away, despite de-installing it again
  11. UH, just had a first-hand experience how Windows 10 looks like for the costumer. It’s really the LAST CRAP. Using it on a VM is bad enough, but, some acquaintance brought in his newest Asus laptop for me to configure it as lean as possible. It had W10 on it. DANG. Of course, Windows 10 itself bombards you with stupid messages every time: Cortana, “Wi-Fi Optimization”, something about one drive and a whole lot of other crap. Not to mention the forced updgrades (the first shutdown took two hours or so because of them!) That’s bad enough in itself, yet there is also a TON of crapwa
  12. I am still not sure whether the update situation on W7 is malice or incompetence. Breaking Windows Update on 7 could be just another form of “FU” to the userbase for not upgrading to 10, BUT, GWX is delivered through it and that’s something they obviously don’t want to break.
  13. I have some fully updated W7 systems here (including GWX nag, but disabled through registry) and the never-update option is still here. I wouldn't be surprised if NuMS would get this low though.
  14. NuMS freaks helped me to understand the human condition better, no seriously. Freetard fanatism was bad (I am talking about real harcore Linuxers), bad at least there was the whole utopian vision behind it of free software yada yada. With NuMicrosoft though – there is absolutely nothing behind it. No philosophical framework or belief system or politics or ideology or anything. It’s literally just a corporation getting greedy and pretty much criminal using malware tactics. And yet, you can still find cheerleaders for this! How can anyone getting passionate about a small group of
  15. Just like they boast about W10 marketshare spikes after forced GWX "accidents".
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