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Need help with graphics card buying?


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i have $250 to spend on a graphics card it was $140 but i had more than i thought anyway i have a 400w power supply gonna upgrade it to like 600w so whats the best graphics card i can get on this motherboard ASUS P5QL-VM EPU for around lets say $200 since i have to get a power supply


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I prefer Nvidia cards myself, but that's just (mostly) unwarranted brand loyalty. SLI works real well (although some games have issues with multiple cards)

Also, if you are playing games that use PhysX, many Nvidia cards will hardware support this and pull the processing away from your CPU.

The newer Radeons are better if you want to have a single very powerful card though.

Look for a card with faster memory, not necessarily more memory. Try to find a balance here. Clock speeds can be more important than the amount of memory.

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Hi well you need to make sure you have room for a good card example a evga 560 sc is a nice card and would do you well price is around 220 $ and the 600 watt psu would run that as long as the psu has at least 24 amps on the 12 volt rail. These new gtx cards are dual slot cards meaning it would cover your pci slot just underneath the card. Also the cards are much bigger today that 560 is 4 inches in hight and 8.25 inches in length. So you first need to choose a card then before you buy make sure you have room to install it. Putting it in a small case with not very good cooling the card will run hot.

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