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Dell PSUs


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You know folks I will trust the opinions of this board above others. Does anyone have any familiarity with Dells? I was pressed for time and needed something new fast so I went with a Inspiron 570. I was looking at the Dell forums and saw this post:

"i have a inspiron 570 with integrated radeon 4200 graphics. i would like to get a radeon 5770, knowing i would need a new psu. i contacted dell reps several times asking questions - two reps told me the card would fit and any psu would work with the system while a third said any higher wattage psu would likely fry the motherboard. regardless, i pulled the trigger on a corsair 550watt psu from newegg. before i get it and install it, does anyone know if it will truly fry my motherboard or other components? or even if a radeon 5770 will fit in a inspiron 570 because i don't know what to think with conflicting information from dell support?"

which the reply was:

"The Corsair power supply and HD 5770 will both work fine in your system. You will not fry your motherboard. You could fry your motherboard if you don't take the proper precautions to prevent static electricity when installing the new components, but the PSU and card won't fry your motherboard."

Have I been asleep? I was under the impression that Dell boards were modified to use a different voltage that only Dell could supply the PSU for.

Thanks in advance.

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Only certain models (particularly the Pentium-III's and the Dimension P-4 8600) have the "odd" ATX wiring. Adapters can be obtained or made that "convert" and ATX to the non-standard Dell ATX. All of the (other) P-4 and up are standard ATX.

(yeah, that stinx... been there, done that)

P.S. IF you have the "oddball" (I haven't checked your "model"), then I have the "rewire" info you may need.


edit - "Higher Watt PSU" will FRY IT??? Kinda doubt that. Someone else may disagree, though...

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Thanks a lot! I should have looked at the specs myself sooner. Just one question. The powers supply specs for this board are:

Power (system board) one 24-pin EPS 12V connector (ATX-compatible)

Would a 20+4 pin work or would it have to be a 24 pin. I was looking at Corsairs and two came up:

CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 V2 600W ATX12V v2.3 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply


CORSAIR Gaming Series GS600 600W ATX12V v2.3 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC High Performance Power Supply

Both should work?

Thanks in advance

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Both will work just fine for your system. What video card are you going to use (the HD5770 as in your first post?)?

And if you don't care for lights coming out of the back of your PC than go for the 30USD cheaper one ;).

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Like submix8c said, non-standard PSUs in Dell are pretty much a thing of the past.

a third said any higher wattage psu would likely fry the motherboard

That's complete and absolute nonsense. From a n00b I could almost understand, but when it's coming from a guy whose job is to solely to recommend hardware, I can only qualify this of gross incompetence.

Anyway. You picked a nice model (good brand, 80plus cert, etc) but 600W is quite overkill. In the same series, there is the 430W model at $45 which is still more than enough to run that system at full load. Just another option :) Then again, there's many other good options around the $60 price you picked, like this 520W Antec.

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