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Libre Office silent switches.

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I checked their install instructions:


Which doesn't say anything about command line switches, however (without downloading I can't confirm) one of the pictures shows the base installer is Nullsoft Install System v2.46. Some switches for that are here (its way down the page):


And here is that project's page:


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From command line:

LibO_3.4.1_Win_x86_install_multi.exe /S

will initiate a passive install of LibreOffice. There will be dialog windows and progress windows visible, but no user interaction is necessary.

This version still does not correctly detect MS VC runtimes installed on the system, so it will install an older version. (if you have the latest version just uninstall the one LibreOffice installs.)

If you want a a real quiet installation, start the normal installation and let the installer extract the msi and other files to your system. When the extraction is completed, cancel the install.

Then use the extracted msi installation files with the /qn switch.

libreoffice34.msi /qn

For an installation this size and lengthy, passive installation is probably best in most cases.

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