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  1. Any news on beta versions or patches? Or really anything? to me your software is in a completely unusable state. which is a big bummer
  2. Hi Ekttob, I receive a similar error when i am trying to edit the start menu settings, Specifically the settings with drop down menus. Another issue i am having is that i continuously get an invalid answer file error.. Am i just incompetent or something?
  3. Had a minor issue when changing the power settings for the unattend.xml and i ignored it, resulting xml file was corrupt and Windows would not complete installation.
  4. I'm having an issue with the latest release in that it is not slipstreaming most updates into windows (IE9 is most notable) It will do drivers and programs, But not updates (out of the 100 or so i have it only will do < 20)
  5. They can use imap, but they are limited to 300 messages maximum, And they have much more then that (about 1500+) I'm not sure who supplies their e-mail. It is a local business with a webserver, is about all i know. Another thing i forgot to mention, is Calendar and contact syncing would be nice, but not needed.
  6. A client of mine would like to sync his workstation PC with his secondary workstation at another location. They want to do this without exchange, as it is a costly venture, and he is the only one in the company who wants it. I looked into the program Sync2, However when syncing it doesn't preserve his timestamps when he received the e-mails. And it doesn't sync subfolders he has in his inbox. So i am looking for alternatives. Are any of you aware of them? Sub $100 would be best, But i'm sure if it's under the cost of exchange he'll take it.
  7. Awesome! i can't wait til it's released. Do you accept or plan to accept donations? I'd love to help out if you did
  8. I'm having another issue, It seems any integration of programs i select do not take. The .iso file grows about 30mb, and one program i am including is 150mb. None of the programs however, are installed once windows completes. I also can not use the flash drive integrator (the flash it option at the end of BuClean) i start it and it finishes in about a second saying "Finished, Errors" if i re run it using the ISO to USB option in the main menu, it works, but when i try to boot it says "Error loading Operating System" EDIT: after installing on a test machine none of the settings/software i implemented using your software took effect.. Was hoping this would be a viable replacement to rt7lite too :/
  9. Do you guys know of any guides for slimming down XP? It needs to beable to have full access to the internet and be functional for web browsing and playing movies. Everything else can go. I saw the lifehackers guide, But that didn't really help since it didn't list what i can and can't remove. I've been working on my current one, But it keeps popping up with access restriction errors. Last Session.ini
  10. Here is an Addon i made for Libre Office 3.4.1. SVCPACK in a cab file ready for integration. Silent install. and it takes a while. So if your installation hangs at "Installing components" for longer than normal this is why. Feed back appreciated. http://www.mediafire.com/?8pba57ytg1yjzxb
  11. Using "setup.exe /quiet" worked like a charm! Uploading the file now to media fire. Thanks guys

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