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  1. 1. XP SP3 x86 2. SetEnvironment="Var=%^SYSTEMDRIVE%" RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /V:ON /c Set Var=%Var:^=%& Reg Add \"HKCU\\Software\\Some Software Name\" /v \"Location\" /t REG_EXPAND_SZ /d \"!Var!\\Program Files\\Some Software Name\" /f" Result for data in that registry key: %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Some Software Name If I use your two lines, I get this for data: %%SYSTEMDRIVE%%\Program Files\Some Software Name which seems odd. I hope that helps. Let me know if you need any more information.
  2. Interesting... On my system I had to use: SetEnvironment="Var=%^SYSTEMDRIVE%" instead of: SetEnvironment="Var=%%^SYSTEMDRIVE%%" for it to work correctly.
  3. Wow, thanks gora--I would not have got that. Seems like I must read the manual more carefully. Now I see one reason you often include a batch or cmd file in many of your releases.
  4. gora, From command prompt run something like this: reg add "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Some Software Name" /v Location /t REG_EXPAND_SZ /d "%%SYSTEMDRIVE%%\Program Files\Some Software Name" /f Look at the resulting entry in the registry. I want the same result when run from the config.txt. The CHM manual says to get the variable name instead of its value use: %^SYSTEMDRIVE% But I can't get the correct syntax yet.
  5. gora, OK, thanks. I will continue working on 2, and if I can't solve it, I will post a sample reg entry here.
  6. 2 Oleg_Sch or gora, Question: What is the command line to add two languages in a 7zSFX with many language sections? I have tried: 7zSFX.exe -sfxlang:nnnn:mmmm 7zSFX.exe -sfxlang:nnnn+mmmm 7zSFX.exe -sfxlang:nnnn;mmmm 7zSFX.exe -sfxlang:nnnn,mmmm Is it possible? Next Question, I'm having problems with: \"%^PROGRAMFILES%\\Some Software Name\" I want: %PROGRAMFILES%\Some Software Name I don't want: C:\Program File\Some Software Name What I am getting: %^PROGRAMFILES%\Some Software Name Purpose: I am trying to add a Type REG_EXPAND_SZ value to the registry. How do I get the string name returned instead of the string value for %PROGRAMFILES% ? Thanks.
  7. 2 Oleg_Sch or gora, Is %7zSfxFolder43% equivalent to: %PROGRAMFILES%\Common Files or C:\Program Files\Common Files ??
  8. Yes, something like that would be nice to use with config.txt.
  9. This explains everything. I guess I was expecting too much after receiving syntax error messages in the past which helped me to correct mistakes I had made. I guess syntax highlighting for \" would be nice in the text editor. Thanks again, gora. You have helped me to understand the working of the module a bit better.
  10. Hmmmm. I understand both your examples. Thanks for those. So, to allow the possibility of your examples, my example is not detected as a syntax error by the module? Or to say it another way, if line 11 in my example is not a syntax error according to the module--what should be the expected result of line 11?
  11. First, I am sorry but my description of the issue in my previous post is not correct. So, ignore my previous post completely. After more testing, this particular syntax error is not detected by the module at all. It doesn't matter if it is in the main section or a language section of the config.txt. I am sorry if this is a previously known limitation of the module. Therefore, I have reduced the config.txt to: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="2" MiscFlags="4" Title="PhotoScape v.3.6.2" SetEnvironment="app_name=PhotoScape" SetEnvironment="app_path=%ProgramFiles%\\%app_name%\\" SetEnvironment="add_reg=rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection PhotoScapeReg.inf,DefaultInstall,3,N" SetEnvironment="add_files=hidcon:xcopy %app_name% \"%app_path%\" /s /e /i /y" RunProgram="%add_files%" RunProgram="%add_reg%" RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /c copy Lang\\ar\\lang_3_6.txt\" \"%app_path%\" /y" Shortcut="P,{%app_path%\\%app_name%.exe},{},{%app_name%},{},{%app_name%}" Shortcut="Du,{%app_path%\\%app_name%.exe},{},{},{},{%app_name%}" Shortcut="26,{%app_path%\\%app_name%.exe},{},{Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Quick Launch},{},{%app_name%}" ;!@InstallEnd@! The syntax error is on line 11. There is \" after lang_3_6.txt (which should not be there.) This mistake causes line 11 to fail however no error message is ever given by module. So, apparently the module is not capable of detecting this type of syntax error. ("hanging": \") Perhaps it could be added to the detection method of the module?
  12. 2 Oleg_Sch, I am using version of the modified module on XP SP3 x86. I created a config.txt with Language Sections. By chance, there were syntax errors in the Language Sections, but the Main Section was without any syntax errors. After I made the SFX with this config.txt, I tested it by running the SFX with the language switch -sfxlang:nnnn. The software was installed but the language section was NOT run. There were NO error messages. Usually, if the main section has syntax errors there is an error message giving the line number where the syntax error is located. After I corrected the syntax error in the config.txt and rebuilt the SFX. I tested again with the language switch and the result was that the software was installed and the language section WAS run. So, I think this would be a bug. Shouldn't the module give a similar error message for syntax errors in the language sections of the config.txt? Otherwise it appears as if the installation is complete, including the language section parameters. Thanks again, for a very useful tool.
  13. There is a package at RyanVM forum for creating a silent, switchless installer for the current version of AvastFree which prevents GoogleUpdate and the older VC runtimes from installing. Be sure you have VC runtimes installed before using the created installer. Works at RunOnceEx also. Look here: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9413&sid=ce75bd66d348e7d2ee8a5af5e145228e
  14. Thanks ricktendo64!, That makes it really easy. Argh, WordPad is trying to be a smartass. I find I still have manually edit some of the parameters to get things to look the way I want.

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