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RP9 Themes megathread!


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Nice work Svenne! :thumbup

but like for prowler, the font seems too bold for my taste.

EDIT: and maybe the 'check pic' (the notch) should be a bit darker,

because as you can see (from your screenshot) it is not obvious when it is active or not:


EDIT 2: FWIW, I've awkwardly tried to make those 2 mods :blushing: : 2Mods.rar

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here is the most complete Skin collection (as far as I know) for the Tihiy's Revolutions Pack 9.

You can download the Rar file (3.68 MB) at the link: RP9_Skin_collection.rar See below post #21 .

It contains:

* 'Resources' folder is provided to replace the original %WinDir%\Resources folder.

In it, the 'Icons' folder is unchanged.

The 'Themes' folder contains the skins.

When the original skin was not working with RP9 (because it had been designed for the older version aka LameSkin), a mod have been done, and the original file is renamed '-ORIG'.

A few files could have been modded only according to my taste, but in this case the modded file is NOT active (named with '-NEW'). If you want to try it , you will have to rename first the original one, and then delete the '-NEW' extension from the modded file.

* 'RP9.reg' contains the 'Appearance\Schemes' for *all* the skins (No need to use any of the Reg files included in the skin folders).

You may edit it in Notepad to:

- delete the skins you won't use

- add the line:

[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Appearance\Schemes]

in second (straight after the line: 'REGEDIT4'),

if you wish to delete all the previous Schemes you have (BACKUP first!).

The only change I have done here, is that every font has been selected in his Latin version. (Sometimes, it was originally in Cyrillic for instance.)

* 'RP9_Large(p).reg' is a personal mod of some Schemes using a bigger font size (because I personally hate to deal with tiny letters).

If you apply this reg file, those Schemes won't overwrite the others, but will be added to the originals.

Enjoy! :)


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Yes, it works! (Just tried now.)

but I have uploaded the file to this new link that seems easier to use:

RP9_Skin_collection.rar See below post #21 .

No capcha, no waiting, no need to disable AdBlock ;)

3.68 MB

Keep me informed. :whistle:

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Sorry for that! :blushing:

It's a rare bug I get with metapad. Never found from where it is coming.

I have checked every single file, but only the Install file was in wrong encoding.

The 2 previous links are deleted.

You can download the last pack here: RP9_Skin_collection.rar

3.68 MB - MD5=6BCC04D7624090396DE06634579A67FB

Everything is the same, except the Install file in DOS text ;) .

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Could you possibly upload that to a host that does not require registration to download? Captcha's, that work, are preferred to having to register.

Cheers and Regards

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Could you possibly upload that to a host that does not require registration to download?

There is no need for registration. I just try again.

If you click on the link above, you come on a page with this (see screenshot) on top:

post-200646-0-19098300-1337249388_thumb. You just have to click on the new link provided.

HTH. Let me know if there is still a problem.

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WOW! that`s really a great pack. i didn`t had all of them - many thanks, Charles

due to my lazyness i didn`t upload stuff recently. i had already convertet two themepacks a while ago (if you want, put them in the pack, too)

first one: Zune final! 10 colorthemes - each theme has different colored startbutton, normal buttons, radiobuttons, checkboxes, closebuttons and trackbars


second one: Royale color - 5 luna themes that differs from the classics "Royale-energy blue" and "RoyaleNoir"

this theme includes 5 alternate startbutton-flags. to use them edit the Skin.ini file`s Startbutton-folder from "StartbuttonStart" to "StartbuttonFlag"


and Svenne - nice OS9X-theme!

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@CharlesF: Excellent themepack Charles! Nice to see themes I hadn't seen before.

@kallon: These are actually really nice :) . All the colors seem to harmonize really well. I'll add them to the OP right away!

Also, thanks a lot for the positive feedback on OS9X. And yeah, I'll probably change the font style; the bold text is a bit tedious to read.

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Zune final! 10 color themes


something could be wrong: in ZuneFinal, the 'Title bar' is always 23 pts, except for the 'Default' scheme where it is only 20, which makes ugly small buttons.

BTW, this 'Close button' seems red and not really orange (but it may be because of his small size).

EDIT: FWIW, I've tried those Mod's for ZuneFinal (Taskbartray & Closebutton).

EDIT2: Changed the modded 'TASKBARTRAY2_BMP.bmp' for a better result: ZuneFinal-MODDED2.rar

Edited by CharlesF
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Hi Charles,

I agree with the orange closebutton. and with the trayshadows I believe you are right, for me it feels like the same (old RCT-Screen) i will possibly remake the zunepack and include your modded images ... thankyou for your suggestions

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