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  1. Hi, here is the charlesF`s great collection including about everything ever done for uberskin (imo) Edit: I just noticed this is not Version2 charles posted above. the links bring the collection in Version1. maybe Charles or Svenne can repost the actual version RP9_Skin_collection.rar alternate: http://www.filedropper.com/rp9skincollection
  2. Hi - it was a while, but finaly found the time to modify themes again. ZuneFinal. Fixed version, thankyou charles for the updated images. i have included them and fixed titlebar-sizes and other minor bugs Here is a link to the original XP-theme http://www.skinbase.org/art/38166/zune-final (with screenshot) The RP-Skin ZuneFinal : (using a upload-service wich is more permanent now) http://ompldr.org/vZWk1ZQ/ZuneFinal.7z I upload VistaSepia to somewhere else: (for Svenne`s initial post) http://ompldr.org/vZWk1Zw/VistaRevolutionSepia.7z (beware - there is now a Nature-Bonus theme and a secret spaced theme inside) Greetings, Kallo
  3. Hi Charles, I agree with the orange closebutton. and with the trayshadows I believe you are right, for me it feels like the same (old RCT-Screen) i will possibly remake the zunepack and include your modded images ... thankyou for your suggestions
  4. WOW! that`s really a great pack. i didn`t had all of them - many thanks, Charles due to my lazyness i didn`t upload stuff recently. i had already convertet two themepacks a while ago (if you want, put them in the pack, too) first one: Zune final! 10 colorthemes - each theme has different colored startbutton, normal buttons, radiobuttons, checkboxes, closebuttons and trackbars http://www.filedropper.com/zunefinal second one: Royale color - 5 luna themes that differs from the classics "Royale-energy blue" and "RoyaleNoir" this theme includes 5 alternate startbutton-flags. to use them edit the Skin.ini file`s Startbutton-folder from "StartbuttonStart" to "StartbuttonFlag" http://www.filedropper.com/royalcolor and Svenne - nice OS9X-theme!
  5. yes... Vista vas already released in the early 60th´s you don`t believe?... This theme is based on the "vista revolution"-theme wich was included with uberskin. i made many color variations of existing themes but this one looks (IMHO) very nice. so i think i should share. it comes with a Red-touch and a Blue-purplish-touch - Theme VistaSepia.7z
  6. Hi Charles, I noticed that, too. It`s the original Guistyle behavior. but looks ugly in Win98. I changed it now like the XP-theme and made a half transparent circle. I put the original progresschunk.BMPs back, thanks to the UberDoc they have a border now (margin-comand) finaly fixed transparentCorners to zero. there is still a bug left:the framebuttons have a lightened box around them shot4.bmp I don`t have a clue why I checked everything - otherwise it looks nice for now. thanks to all your comments, charles. I edited the upper post`s link to GuistyleV3
  7. hi, CharlesF thankyou for your comments. I assume you have a TFT-Screen wich gives a better insight on dark colors. in this case, what do you think about the round radiobuttons- aren`t they too dark? I wasn`t aware of the uberskin documentation. now many things get clear to me and I`m overlooking the whole skin.ini file right now.
  8. Hi, CharlesF many thanks or your suggestion, I completely agree with the boxes/radiobutton, and changed it. I was pretty sure, that I tested the theme alot before submitting, nevertheless I found an other bug with the Flashbuttons, they didn`t work (imagesize was wrong) Finaly i changed the Textcolor of the inactive window-caption. it`s now darker with a lit shadow below. I edit the upper post and update the link to V2 again thanks for your nice words kallon
  9. Hello since most themes available for uberskin are either black, blue or something inbetween I decided to convert the Guistyle themepack wich comes with 6 colorsettings. don`t worry: Black and blue are included aswell the skin itself is very sneak and has a good visibility here is a screenshot of the trilian port http://forums.ceruleanstudios.com/showthread.php?t=79813 the uberskin port was done by me, I had to change some images to beware visibility. I hope you like it edit: Updatet to V3 GuistyleV3.zip

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