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Windows 95 MSGSRV32.EXE versions


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I'm still running Windows 95 (hurray!) but there's one problem I haven't been able to solve.

If I insert a SanDisk USB flash drive while the system doesn't know it, it'll detect it and allow me to use it. However, if the system already knows it, the system will hang. Ctrl+Alt+Del will show MSGSRV32.EXE not responding. Terminating it makes the system responsive again, but the USB flash drive isn't accessible. In fact, USB doesn't work any more, period.

I've worked around this problem by removing the registry keys that referred to the USB flash drive each time. But if I'm transferring large files, the system will eventually hang as well. After consulting ToastyTech I found out that my network card and USB are sharing an IRQ.

Today I moved the network card to a different PCI slot. It doesn't share an IRQ with USB any more. Yet my system still hangs when I insert a SanDisk USB flash drive. I've therefore concluded that might have something to do with my version of MSGSRV32.EXE. It's version 4.00.1112 (Dutch) that I downloaded long ago. Ironically, it's supposed to fix "Possible MSGSRV32 crash on new Plug & Play device detection".

I want to try a different version of the file, preferably 4.00.1111 or 4.00.1113. Does anyone have it or know where I can find it?

Thanks in advance.

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I forgot to mention that I did remove the hidden U3 software partition from my SanDisk USB flash drives using the official removal tool, as it's known to cause problems. It didn't solve my problem, though.

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1113 doesn't exist. 1111 is the one on the distribution disk of 95c.

build 1113 never existed, not even through a win95 hotfix. Benoitren will have to retrieve v4.00.1111 of the msgsrv32.exe file on the dutch osr2.5 cd

After consulting ToastyTech I found out that my network card and USB are sharing an IRQ.

that's sometimes the problem when devices have to share IRQs, whether using either a win9x/me or win2k/xp system.

I'd try removing the network card driver in device manager, shut down the computer and remove & re-insert the network card in a different PCI expansion slot (which means unscrewing the computer cover after disconnecting all the cords connected to the computer).

Placing the network card in another pci expansion slot may allow win95c or the bios to re-detect the network card and assign a different IRQ that won't be shared with USB.

USB devices work best when the USB controller doesn't have to share IRQ resources with other devices.

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