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WPI requests, lang updates and theme ideas...

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WHAT enviroment are you using WPI in that you have more than 400 entries???

I use it for private use. I love having all the programs always available. I have created my personal wpi with more than 400 freeware and 30 licensed program and i use this for my 3 pc and sometimes for my friends. When i go to find a specific program i spend more time to find it on a menu and a good idea is a search field like the last windows 7

thank you

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Hello there.

From time to time am usin WPI pack under win7 which have the most annoying flaw that prevent start shell with auto-elevation.

Now I've cooked a wpi launcher capable to start wpi shell under administrator rights using "Elevation PowerToys".

Here is it.

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i am using the program for a few weeks...works great , but i am using it from a locked sd card and i get " unable to write to disk " message everytime i use it.

seems like the program is trying to write some kind of log ...anyway to disable that...i like to keep my sd card locked for malware protection.


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If I have already added an architecture filter, {x32} or {x64} to a command line the USSF/PEiD button gives a "Could not open C:\Users\Cconcept\AppData\Local\Temp\" error. If I have not put in the filter, it works properly. It would be awesome if it could ignore anything with a {} around it.


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Many thanks for the new WPI release . :rolleyes:

I see that there is no more these lines inside lang_en.js:

lblMonitorResolution[lang] = ['Résolution de l\'écran'];
txtMonitorResolution[lang] = ['Changer la résolution de l\'écran au premier lancement de WPI.'];
lblMonitorColorDepth[lang] = ['Profondeur des Couleurs'];
txtMonitorColorDepth[lang] = ['Utiliser \'Maximum\' pour de meilleurs résultats.'];
lblMonitorRefreshRate[lang] = ['Taux de rafraichissment'];
txtMonitorRefreshRate[lang] = ['Utiliser \'Maximum\' pour de meilleurs résultats.'];

Do I must remove these lines also inside lang_fr.js ?


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