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Unattended Not Working, Won't Create Account / Login

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Hi People,

Playing about with RT Seven Lite, everything seems to be working so far untill the windows 7 installation goes through the "Windows is checking video performance" and reboots, when it reboots to finally get into windows it says "Please Enter User Name and Password" now i left "Skip User Creation" Unticked so surely it would prompt me to make an new user account??

Please find attached a copy of my Last Session file and Unattended.xml file

Thanks In Advance ;)





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I have also experienced this problem, it is not related to xml you better change the login name in the vmware, your problem should be solved. See the screenshot:


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Its running on VSphere so its not the workstation edition so doesn't ask for serial number or name before i start the installation

I have not used vsphere so I don't know about it, if you wish you can try vmware with different login name.

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Its a network based version of vmware so you install the client onto your local machine then it connects to a centeral datastore, im adding a user account to my new build to see if that makes any difference, just doing on a machine with a celeron processor takes its time lol

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