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Win 7 x64 and ramdrive


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I have just setup an 8gb system and I am interested to run ramdrive. I searched a bit but except malware-like products or trial versions there was nothing useful. Any suggestions? Freeware will be best choice.


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Sorry for chiming in so late.

Which are you using? Romexsoft or Dataram?

In any case, both work for 32-bits and are free, but only Dataram is free for 64-bits.

Yet another option is the Gavotte Ramdisk, which is free, too, both in the 32-bits and 64-bits version, and will use more than 4 GiB, besides letting you set the drive letter, although it's a little less easy to set up.

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I have tried dataram. works fine for the testing purposes...

Has any of these ability to startup with system and let pagefile to be placed here? (due compatbilitiy issues I need pagefile).

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