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Unofficial ClamWin patch for Win98SE

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For to try this you can to scan with ClamWin the ClamWin update exe setup (only the update not the full install) that it's realized with nullsoft.

Hi Aru,

Could you please explain that paragraph, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding it (also having trouble getting ClamWin to actually work, eg. detect the EICAR test signature).


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Does the 97.7 update need to be patched or is it fine the way it is?

Thank you for any info, and for the work you do. :)

Hi all,

Today I have released the new patch for the latest version ClamWin 0.97.7.



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I have just started to use ClamWin. No problem until I updated to v0.98.1. Then I got the libclamav.dll was not found error. ClamWin would not open either. I looked in the Bin folder and found libcla~1.dll, libcla~2.dll, and libcla~3.dll . I renamed libcla~1.dll to libclamav.dll. Now it opens and the error is gone. I'm wondering if I should do anything with libcla~2.dll, and libcla~3.dll.

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If you checked the hash of all three files, I would bet that they are identical copies, named that way because they don't fit the 8.3 standard. I think you can simply delete the two copies that you are not using.

Cheers and Regards

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