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Watching hfslip run...


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I'm actually watching hfslip while it's slipstreaming a fresh new win2k installation disc with all my hotfixes.

In early stages it extracts (I guess) the updated files stored into the hotfixes, while printing how many of them it's going to use, so I see: `N files copied' with several different N.

Sometimes it happens N is 0 (no file copied), is this an expected behaviour? How is this possible? I am sure that hotfix does contain a new file (1 at least!). Why does hfslip copy no file?

I must say, I know nothing about how hfslip works inside... can someone give me a hint?

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Such file isn't in HF dir, it must be at HFSVCPACK_SW1 or HFSVCPACK_SW2 when it is an .exe file or in HFGUIRUNONCE if it is an .msi file.

Can't be integrated, thanks to microsoft's design.

Any of the above does install at T-13.

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As far as I know, these updates contains (0 files copied...) just settings like registry-entries.

But others also asked for this. You should find it here in older postings.

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Time remaining - 13 minutes

Apps listed in svcpack.inf get installed whenever you see "time remaining 13 minutes".

So, tell me if I'm wrong, the whole setup is made of smaller steps, and each step if named after the average time remaining (to the setup completion)?

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