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silent install java 6 upt. 23


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I am looking to switch to the facility

java 6 upt. 23

I've found her. but its not working

/ quiet / s / v "/ qn / qf IEXPLORER = 1"

I am also looking for a silent install

uTorrent 2.2


Thank you all

I lay all my silent install on a topic. :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

Sorry google traduction i am french

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jeanmichfr, these Java ones work for me - can't help with the others:

jeanmichfr, celles-ci Java pour moi - ne peut pas aider les autres:

Rem Java runtime environment
%cdrom%\Install\jre-6u23-windows-i586.exe IEXPLORER=1 ADDLOCAL=ALL /s /NoRestart
%cdrom%\Install\jre-6u23-windows-x64.exe /s /NoRestart

Enjoy, John.

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I think that it's still a working solution that if you get the online installer, there is an .msi file that downloads to the username\Local Settings\Application Data\TEMP folder and installs Java (same principle as Skype).

You can copy that .msi file somewhere and then run it with the /qn switches.


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Heres what ive been using with it


Dont think the " needs to be in there but it still works for me. you can change IEXPLORER for FIREFOX. The 1's just say accept eula, install for IE and enable update

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Hi jeanmichfr

You can extract the *.exe file and then you'll get the msi file. Use the msi file then for a system unattended installation.

The switches of this java release are not working properly, I had the same problems until i extract it and got the msi file.

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here's the official guide


and here's my install batch code for java6 update 24

@ECHO off

CD /D "%~dp0"

REM Sun Java 6 update 24 (x64)
jre-6u24-windows-x64.exe /lang=%LANG% /s

REM Sun Java 6 update 24 (x86)
jre-6u24-windows-i586-s.exe /lang=%LANG% /s

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