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  1. Hi ilko, your program is beautiful and really useful for me.....in this new version. Do you think in future you 'll share the source code too or not , since in version 0.23 it was available....?? thanks a lot
  2. If you instal daemontools.exe with switches(for example using winrar or 7zip): /S /nogadget /notoolbar /sptd installation will be silent without gadget,toolbar and with automatic installation of sptd..... No bat needed
  3. You must use this command for office 2010 with *.msp "%wpipath%\INSTALL\OFFICE2007X86\setup.exe" /adminfile CUSTOM.MSP (custom or whatever name you gave to msp) and the WPI shouldn't move on next item...
  4. Try this: jre-6u23-windows-i586.exe /s /v/qn
  5. You can use guide here to retrieve msi installer for messenger (even if it's for 2009 edition it works for new edition) http://forums.techarena.in/tips-tweaks/1058717.htm In particular messenger.msi should be in 5d079c7f1cb620a0d folder The silent command for an msi shold be /qb /norestart or /qn /norestart
  6. If you go here: http://www.avg.com/eu-hu/download-documentation and then click on AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition 2011 http://download.avg.com/filedir/doc/NETWORK_GROUP/AVG_Anti-Virus_Network/avg_avb_uma_en_2011_01.pdf at page 239 you can find all parameters for silent install
  7. Hi Blue4603 first of all thanks for your very useful program.... I've tried even R7 lite but for me it's too heavy and slow than 7customizer...but it' has some fetures such as possibility to remove many parts in windows7 as Tablet Pc ,languages, and many more ... Do you think in future it could be possible even with your program..?
  8. You can try this one: http://eos.uo.torfo.org/Download/Multi%20B...D%20Creator.exe
  9. What a stupid...yes that's the problem thank you very much
  10. I wanted to add another language to windows server 2008 64bit but when i open vlite and enter integration-language pack it's impossible for me to add another one Infact as you can see from image i cannot use insert.. Instead If i use windows server 2008 x86 it's possible to add a language How can i do that ?
  11. Could you please share also images you use to create your beatiful menu with cdshell? Expecially the black one... thanks
  12. Hi i've tried to create a multiboot dvd with this guide and all works perfectly Do you think there's possibility to add a live cd created with bartpe using bcdedit....since i've no idea how to do this?? thanks

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