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  1. I dont have the required configuration but I want to change these files also using tuneup method please suggest any method so that I can have all the four kernel edited I want to make my own modded XP # ntkrnlmp.exe - Windows Multi Processor Kernel # ntkrnlpa.exe - Windows Single Processor Kernel with more then 3 GB of RAM # ntkrpamp.exe - Windows Multi Processor Kernel with more then 3 GB of RAM
  2. Here is the complete Detail......about java silent http://download.oracle.com/javase/1.4.2/docs/guide/plugin/developer_guide/silent.html
  3. HI I just want to know which file is responsible for the icons or bmp in the window that opens up when we click on tools>folder options.....
  4. I did the same but when I open TUkernel with rehack the file doen't shows the resources I used it show the normal one's.....
  5. Hello Friend I want to edit and replace the ntoskrnl.exe and its other counterpart in XPSP3RTM iso but with the free booteditor I am unable to edit that file it says its unsupported and with reshack and resource tuner I didn't find the resource number 10 is there any utility or method so that I can edit the ntoskrnl.exe in my XPSP3RTM ISO.....I also want to change the location of progress bar ....
  6. I have XPSP3RTM updated till date I tried to install but the installer says some other installer is pending restart PC to contnue no luck after restart Then I tried this with fresh XPSP3RTM on VMware it says installer cannot start...what can be the issue ... and How can I extrat the files from installer so that I can repalce them manually with the one I want.....thanks in advance
  7. Thanks Got it ...I was unable to get the packaging part I tried to open ulz with notepad it didn't worked ..creating ul is quit a leantly process but I will work on it....
  8. Hello Friends I want to create my own UL that will include all the updates that are shown by fresh WINXPSP3 RTM....how can I do that please suggest I need your help to do that..... I there any tutorial to create a UL or anything that should help....
  9. If this is the complete list why this file doesn't conatins dotnet 3.5 and 4.0 and also it doesn't contains windows installer 4.5 correct me if I am wrong O am a newbie here I think you should create a UL file that contains all the updates that a fresh Windows XP SP3 shows in update list......till now ..... If you don't have time please tell me that procedure ho do do that is there any tutorial to do this......I want to conribute to the community..... I mean all the updates that are shown by the fresh install of XPSP3 RTM....
  10. Thanks I will open it and do the required edit will take more help if you don't mind......lols....
  11. I have done with my UnXP edited bootscreen,logon screen, OOBE, Billboard, Theme but I do I edit this part... may be this is a file in theme itself.....and my theme doesn't have its own .....please suggest how to change this part...
  12. I also want to make my custom how can I extract and edit the content of XPIZe can I do that....
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