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duplicate pc


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i have a dying laptop (years old technology) with XP Pro installed and I want to transfer the OS, parameters, files, documents etc to a new pc that has other hardware ofcourse (latest technology)

is there any way?


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USMT will only do his profile. Sounds like he wants to move everything, OS and programs included. This is a bit more problematic. The two biggest headaches of this are differing hard disk controllers, you exist one is likely IDE and the new machine is going to be SATA, the other issue will be the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) depending upon the processor in your machine you could have one of 7 though really likely one of 5, compatibilty between HALs is limited.

Both issues can be worked around, thee are commercial packages that can generalize your system so that it can be transferred or if you are the hands on technical type you can look for universal image creation information and do it yourself. You need to preinstall the SATA controller and change the HAL to one that is compatible with both systems.

Personally I would move my data, reinstall my applications and be done with it.

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