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DBS - Drivers BackUp Solution v 3.9.21 Stable Beta


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Drivers BackUp Solution v 3.9.21 Stable Beta


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My Friends is pleased to present you another one of my new FreeWare-project Drivers BackUp Solution

This program is designed to create backup copies of device drivers. The program also finds the drivers for the non-living "units." The program can create 7z-archives, which can later be used as the driver packages in the program Drivers Installer Assistant.

Drivers BackUp Solution is comparable in functionality and results of their work programs such as Double Driver, Driver Magician Lite, and many other existing programs for backing up drivers.

One which the program does not (and probably will not), so it is restoring the drivers from the backup, but with that you yourself know very well cope Drivers Installer Assistant.

It is possible that the functional of the program later will be part of Drivers Installer Assistant.

Main features:

• Information about all the drivers installed on your system (for active and inactive devices)

• Selection of information to the filter

• Create a backup driver (Structured directory or 7z-archive using the console archiver 7-zip)

• The check program updates

• Support multi-language interface

• Support all Windows, from Windows NT 2000 SP4

• Debug mode with a record of information in the log file

• Built-in error handler

• Register missing components for the normal functioning of the program (MSFLXGRD.OCX, RICHTX32.OCX, vbscript.dll)

Programm is written on VB6, so you can will be necessary some libraries. For installing the libraries you can download and install VB runtimes. Main libraries are enclosed in in body of the program.

At error program will offer to create the log. Send on mail at finding such.

Also advisable at error to enable debugging mode in adjustment and created log also to attach to letter

Full History

Download links:

Full Version 3.9.21



MD5: dbf60ad676f7a453ac2a17f55e6c6d0e

VirusTotal.com report

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Looks like a great tool, but lots of my drivers did not fully back up. Only the inf and cat were copied none of the files were

Thanks. I will work on erron. While I would like to see the inf-files, those drivers are copied completely.

It is also very eager to see debug-log.

The file DriversBackuper.ini set the settings


DebugEnable = 1

DebugLogPath = C: \ debuglog.txt

CleenHistory = 1

Start a backup, and the resulting file Put the forum.

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Here is the debuglog and all backed up drivers

Windows 7 x64: http://www.mediafire.com/?qdxmp6xa9w0datb

BTW would be nice if you used the name of the CAT to rename the INF, you already do it to the CAT why not the INF also...and what about the tool being able to tell if the driver is digitally signed?

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  • 1 month later...

This version fixes many bugs, most of them relate to work on 64-bit versions of Windows. The program has become more stable and reliable.

Changed and updated almost all of the search function necessary driver files, so that the program should show a very good result in the creation of backup drivers.

Can compare the results with other well-known programs of this class.

Changes to the Drivers BackUp Solution [1.12.17 Final]

[FIXED] Fixed a bug where the box "Check for Updates" is not closed.

[FIXED] Fixed bug of a 64-bit systems - does not recognize system folder sysWOW64.

[ADDED] Added to the analysis of storage DRVStore.

If the driver is found in the directory, then copies all files for this driver, do not even registered in inf-file.

[ADDED] If there is a cat-file, the inf-file will be renamed under the name of the cat-file

[ADDED] Added definition of specific parameters of the inf-file: CatalogFile.ntx86; CatalogFile.ntamd64.

[ADDED] Added check for rare doubles Driver (feature writing data to the registry Windows).

[CHANGED] Fixed the settings for the preset folders for backups on the type of system.

[CHANGED] Name of the directory with the drivers now formed as well as the name of the archive - DP_<computer name>_WNT<version of the system>_<bit system>_<date>.

[CHANGED] Added a clean target directory if that directory already exists.

[CHANGED] If the backup with that name already exists, it will be removed.

[CHANGED] Updated Archiver 7za to version 9.20 Final.

[CHANGED] Improved definition of directories such as Custom.

[CHANGED] Changed the search procedure cat-file.

[CHANGED] Added check for existence of the original inf-file.

Drivers BackUp Solution [Version 1.12.24 - Final Fix]

[FIXED] Fixed a bug where the program crashed/freezed when the sampling mode, the backup.

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  • 2 months later...

Changes to the Drivers BackUp Solution [2.3.3 RC1]

[CHANGED] Changed logic of programs, driver files are first searched in the folder DRVSTORE

[CHANGED] The speed of the program increased

[ADDED] Now, copying files is preserving the directory structure of drivers

[ADDED] Added possibility to create SFX-archives with automatic installation of drivers using DPInst.

Accordingly, the distribution of the program includes a program DPInst

When you create a SFX 7za-file uses a modified module Oleg Shcherbakov (www.7zsfx.info) version, for which he thanks a lot.

Configuration file of the module is in a directory ".\Tools\Arc\sfx\"

[ADDED] Added a new option in the settings file DriversBackuper.ini Section [Main] ArchMode = 0

Parameter specifies the program, which archiving mode as the default. Can be 0..2.

[FIXED] Fixed up the drivers from the repository DrvStore, if the source contains subdirectories

[FIXED] Fixed error when deleting temporary files

This version was faster and more reliable in operation. Now the program can recreate the directory structure of drivers.

Implemented a functional self-extracting archive with automatic installation of drivers through DPInst.

DBS Program currently does not concede, and in some respects even superior to many well-known program to backup drivers, such as:

DoubleDriver V4.1.0.

Smart Driver Backup 2.12

Driver Magician Lite 3.72

DriverMax 5.31

DriverBackup (IcemanND)

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  • 1 month later...

The program has finally acquired the interface to change most settings, before you can edit the settings directly only in Ini-file.

Added registration of library capicom.dll, the lack of which caused an error in the system program "ActiveX component can't create object" in the function CalcHashFile

Version 2.4.11 PreFinal (11.04.2011)

+ Added automatic registration of library capicom.dll (version in its absence (the library is often not available on Windows Vista and Windows 7)

+ The program added to the Customize menu to change most settings through the GUI.

* Updated the modified SFX-module (Oleg Shcherbakov www.7zsfx.info) to version

* Added configuration file for SFX-module with an English interface

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I like it!

It has a lot of little, but nice touches. I have a question and a suggestion, though:

1. How does the third backup option (7z SFX through DP) work? I noticed the result was an .exe. Do I just double-click it to install it?

2. I notice the program itself is in English and Russian. I used English, but a Russian word appeared (see attachment). I'm guessing it's probably something that slipped.


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1. Yes, just double-click it to install... The program creates self-extracting archive, where the program runs after you unpack DPInst from Microsoft. She decides to put the driver or not, if the driver unsuitable, then put it there will not be.

2. Yes, a Russian word in the English interface, there is an error. This text is registered directly in your code, but not in the language file. In the next version need to correct.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some more testing info:

After starting the .exe I received this screen

So, I clicked No, got to the drivers, selected them, and when I started the backup, I got an error. The error log is attached. Will it not work if the version is smaller than the one required by your program?

One strange thing: apparently you are not allowed to upload files with .log extension, so I changed it into .txt


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Will it not work if the version is smaller than the one required by your program?

The program should also work with younger versions, these versions are recommended.

Do you have a problem in an entirely different, the error you call another function.

Procedure: CalcHashFile

Description error: ActiveX component can't create object

And it suggests a problem with a component capicom.dll.

But this is more a problem version 2.3.3, as v.2.4.11 I added to the resources the library program and implemented it in the absence of registration.

Maybe something to prevent the registration, the antivirus or something else.

Please enable debugging in the program and start again, and then attach the resulting log to the forum

The file DriversBackuper.ini

DebugEnable = 1
DebugLogPath = C:\debuglog_DBS.txt

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Looks good. The library system is present and correct version

4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM ***{BD26B198-EE42-4725-9B23-AFA912434229}: Path to capicom.dll from Reestr: [b]C:\Program Files\Microsoft CAPICOM\Lib\X86\capicom.dll[/b]
4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM *********CompareByVersion-Start
4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM *********CompareByVersion-Start: compare with
4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM *********CompareByVersion-Result: =
4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM *********CompareByVersion-End
4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM ***{BD26B198-EE42-4725-9B23-AFA912434229}: is already present in system - File version:
4/25/2011 11:39:42 AM ***{BD26B198-EE42-4725-9B23-AFA912434229}: Result=True

Try to re-register the library - regsvr32 capicom.dll

If you have antivirus software, then use the software to turn them off

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  • 4 weeks later...

Finally, some light. It seems that was exactly the problem. Due to a security update for CAPICOM (KB931906) I got from Windows Update, the file location of capicom.dll now is C:\Program Files\Microsoft CAPICOM\Lib\X86. After re-registering it, everything was fine, even after the error from post #11.

Thank you and cheers


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