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Hide update for KB955759 = Intel Indeo Codec


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hi to everyone.

As the topic title says, i'd like to know how to hide this update editing an .inf (or .reg) file.

I do reduce/slim down windows source and tested on vmware, such update doesnt appears, i do integrate driverpacks mass storage only and do a multiboot source.

The problem is not when the source is slimmed down, it appears after driverpacks integration and multiboot creation but im not sure where the problem comes from.

More days looking to solve this matter is not a big deal... :whistle:

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I have had problems too, with this update: WindowsXP-KB955759-x86-XXX.exe.

HFSLIP halted processing WIE318~1.exe

I think a virus scanner, damaged WindowsXP-KB955759-x86-XXX.exe, suspecting it to be malware.

I re-downloaded the file, started HFSLIP again and the problem with WIE318~1.exe seemed to have disappeared.

Make sure you have the whole service pack file, size approx 1120 kB.


Edit: more info

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Thanks Eveline.

Before posting (or before creating this tread):

I re-downloaded in a safe environment didn't work, same as runing Microsoft Update, dissappears for a few seconds and come back asking for KB955759.

BTW. restarts didn't help in any (many) way(s) i tried.

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