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    FDV fileset for XP

    Dear Mukke, You are fabulous! These files are exactly what I was looking for. MimO could not find them.. Thank you so much. kind regards Eveline
  2. Thank you, John, Thanks for making my mistake clear. I used the result of the first session as the source for the second session. The first session contained: Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Swap left and right mouse buttons while the second session contained all but "Swap left and right mouse buttons" from that same section. Not using a "clean" source must be the cause of the unexpected result: the mouse buttons remained swapped. The problem was gone once I used a "clean" source. Thanks for your effort and patience kind regards Eveline
  3. Thanks for your answer. I'm sorry. Of course. See attached Zip. The first *.INI file contains: Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Swap left and right mouse buttons The buttons were swapped. The second Nlite session was executed on the result of the first session. The *.INI file contains: Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Active window tracking-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Combo box animation-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Cursor shadow-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Display mouse pointer trails-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Fade out selection-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Gradient captions in windows-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Keyboard shortcut underline-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Menu animation-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Menu shadows-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Menu style-Normaal Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Show translucent selection rectangle-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Show window contents while dragging-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Slide taskbar buttons-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Smooth edges of screen fonts-Uitgeschakeld Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Smooth-scroll list boxes-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Tooltip animation-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Use a background image for each folder type-Uitschakelen Vormgeving Uitschakelen-Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop-Uitschakelen The result still had the buttons swapped. Obviously, I misunderstood the program's controls. Thanks for your effort kind regards LastSessions_MouseButtonProblem.zip
  4. I agree this mouse button control is in an awkward place.I also had the issue with the switched buttons today. Problem: I want to switch off every visual effect, but keep mouse buttons normal. In one session I made the mistake to select 'all visual effects off'. This resulted of course in switched buttons. To correct the button settings, what should I set the controls to, in the next session? Selecting all but 'mouse button' did not work. Or should I start all over? Thanks for an answer kind regards Eveline
  5. I have had problems too, with this update: WindowsXP-KB955759-x86-XXX.exe. HFSLIP halted processing WIE318~1.exe I think a virus scanner, damaged WindowsXP-KB955759-x86-XXX.exe, suspecting it to be malware. I re-downloaded the file, started HFSLIP again and the problem with WIE318~1.exe seemed to have disappeared. Make sure you have the whole service pack file, size approx 1120 kB. Eveline Edit: more info
  6. ebernard

    FDV fileset for XP

    Thanks Mukke, I would really appreciate it, if you could help me to these files! Kind regards Eveline
  7. ebernard

    FDV fileset for XP

    Hi guys, Having used fdvfiles for W2k, I wanted to do the trick with XP too. Trying it, my already great respect for FDV, Tommy, and you guys, increased by the hour. I just can't get it right, so it seems. I just hope one of you will take the trouble to read this and give me a hint.. Excuse me if these are stupid questions (I'm not a system programmer myself). Question 1 Is the latest fdvfiles-xp (from July 17, 2010) usable with XP-Home or is it for XP-Pro only? When I put the contents of the XP-Home OEM CD in SOURCE folder and create a CD, the installer produces 50 messages about "unable to copy file" These files are not on the original XP-Home CD. All but the last one is mentioned in textsetup.sif These are the filenames: admtoolw.chm appmgmts.dll appmgr.dll asr_fmt.exe asr_ldm.exe asr_pfu.exe bootcfg.exe cipher.exe cmdlib.wsc compatws.inf drvqry.exe dwup.inf efsadu.dll evcreate.exe evtrig.exe fde.dll fdeploy.dll getmac.exe gpedit.dll gpedit.msc gprslt.exe gptext.dll gpupdate.exe irbus.inf login.cmd lsans.ttf lsansd.ttf lsansdi.ttf lsansi.ttf ntdsbcli.dll opnfiles.exe relog.exe rootsec.inf rsfsaps.dll scriptpw.dll sctasks.exe secpol.msc securedc.inf securews.inf smlgcfgw.chm tabletoc.dll termcap typeperf.exe vbicodec.ax wmiscmgr.dll wsecedit.dll wstpager.ax wstrendr.ax xpsp3res.dll Question 2 Is the following expected behavior? When I skip these files at copy, the install continues. But after the restart, and login as 'Owner' - no password, when installing devices, the program mentions dozens of HFSLIPnnn.INF files missing. After another restart, and login as 'Owner' - no password, the desktop remains black with only the version information in the bottom right corner. Question 3 Is the following expected behavior? When I try to login as Administrator, I get the message I can't be registered, due to some account limitation. That happens when I use fdvfiles-xp on a XP-Pro source as well! Question 4 Should some filenames be changed for XP-sources with other languages? The file TEXTSETUP.SIF mentions - among others - the following files msr2cenu.dll wmerrenu.cat wmerrenu.dll With an XP-Pro-NL Source, this leads to errors: missing wmerrenu.dll etc. Could these be the corrected filenames? msr2cNLD.dll wmerrNLD.cat wmerrNLD.dll Question 5 With XP-Pro source, fdvfiles-xp, IE8, WMP11 DX9, MDAC2.8, I get the following problem after restart: unable to find module iedkcs32.dll Anybody has an idea what I should do? Question 6 On this very useful (thanks a lot) website: mimo some links are still pointing to the non-existent hfslip.org site. Can anybody help me find the following files mentioned in "Extra's"? Thanks for your time and answer, if possible.. Eveline (edit: question 6 added)
  8. Hi All, FdV, you explained quite well what happens to people and their feelings if others draw to hard on their initiative and hard labor. 'Been there'.. Of course, I'm very sorry that HFslip is abandoned by the main supporters/developers. I became a user only lately (3 months ago) and - in short time - grew very enthusiastic about HFslip and the FDVfiles. I reckon the FDVfiles won't be updated either, if development of HFslip is stopped? What can we do? Anyway, thanks a lot TommyP, TomCat, FdV and the others, for sharing your ideas and products with the world. You helped to make this world a better place. Best regards Eveline
  9. Matrox has Driver for all their products available, very neat and thorough! This card: Matrox Millennium G400 / Matrox Millennium G400 MAX has drivers from Win 98 up to Win server 2003 and Linux 32 and 64 bits! Look here: www.matrox.com And look here, for drivers by OS The meticulous care for good drivers is a specialty of Matrox. kind regards Eveline
  10. ebernard

    Windows Updates

    Hi I guess, if you have SP3 in, you don't need a fix for SP2. (?) Eveline (Edit) I'm Sorry if I caused confusion. MimO already gave the (not too obvious) better answer. MimO, thanks a lot for your list and the great file checking tool! kind regards Eveline
  11. Use the list, The links lead to the MS-pages with updates for 'English'. On the MS-page, look for the drop box with the language. Select your language, then click the button labeled 'change'. Now you will be presented with the update in your language. Unfortunately, you have to repeat these steps for every update. But at least, you can find the updates in your language this way. And if you need to know about IE on W2k, don't forget to check out this info: Vorck's Windows 2000 Repository this info is priceless and Vorck is the greatest! Good luck. Eveline
  12. Hi, I got the same error message with Windows 2000 Pro (workstation): I used hfslip-1.7.9.cmd and the file set fdvfiles-win2k.zip, which FdV kindly sent me on April 22, 2010 and has size of 3.172.851 bytes. Attached is the HFSLIP.LOG, which shows I tried to use IE6 updates. The reason I included IE6 updates is: I need to install Norman Security Suite, which refused on my slipstream CD-installation with only the IE5 updates. FdV himself suggested this specific program may need the IE6-versions of some system files. I'm not capable to find out which IE6-update-files I would need to accomplish that, so I took them all. Apart from the IE6-updates, I included: DirectX9c (standard), MDAC, MSXML, rootsupd.exe, UPHClean-Setup.msi script-updates: only 5.6 (which is in IE6) In 'Replace' I put the NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM from Windows XP, required to facilitate dual boot Can anybody please tell me what I have done wrong? Thanks in advance for your time and attention! kind regards Eveline
  13. Dear friends, I would like to suggest adding something to Step Fourteen. After explaining how to set up Nero for making a bootable CD, please point out the user has to add to the CD to be burned: - the files from the folder \HFSLIP\Sourcess, as well as - the folder with the "excellent software to install " To you it may seem trivial, but be sure it is not for everybody. Just my two cents..
  14. Dear friends, Thanks for making such a useful and helpful website. Even a newbie like me can use your method with success, I found out. You make me feel happy to contribute making it still better. 1. Availability of Non-ENU versions You point to Tomcat76'Complete List of XP Updates for the files to go in folders. The list limits to ENU versions. I can see why and agree. For a non-ENU user like me, for most of the files it is easy to find the corresponding NLD version. In some rare cases however it seems impossible. After long tedious searching the Internet the question remains: does a non ENU version exist? This was the case with WindowsXP-KB905474-ENU-x86_0aad890762cf263dbd4c825c477ef7ba821a852f.exe My question: can you or Tomcat indicate for which files only ENU versions are available? 2. P or C In step six you mention WIN51IP Win51ip.sp2 Maybe it is useful to mention the fact that the 'P' in these filenames occurs in the case of XP-Pro versions, the XP-Home version has a 'C' instead. 3. Optionals Step seven mentions: SFC_OS.DLL (OR USE AN EMPTY SFCFILES.DLL) To me it was not immediately clear if I had to have one of these optionals or could forget both of them. Just a matter of formulation. I suggest (hope I understood correctly): SFC_OS.DLL (OR USE AN EMPTY SFCFILES.DLL) You can, but you do not have to shut off WFP. If you are an "HFSLIP Expert," you might want it. A quick word about Windows File Protection. It was designed not to thwart you, but to prevent software from changing your DLLs on you. WFP is a good thing 95% of the time. Also, if you're setting up a system for someone else, and WFP is off, how long do you think it would be before they were on the phone with you telling you that their system is "acting weird?" Here is two methods to shut off Windows File Protection. First method: edit SFC_OS.DLL (how to link coming, for now use Google). Alternately, instead of hacking SFC_OS.DLL, you can leave it alone and use a version of SFCFILES.DLL that is empty. Download this new SFCFILES.DLL and put it in FIX. I got the idea here, but there were several errors in the approach, so a programmer friend re-wrote the DLL for me. Here is the source. When you don't want WFP shut off, do not include an edited SFC_OS.DLL or new SFCFILES.DLL in the FIX folder.

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