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WPI v8.1.0 Lang Files

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Somewhat updated Chinese Traditional lang file.

I had some problem in translating it into Chinese.

WPI complaint "syntax error at line:xxx", however when I checked the file with Notepad it appeared perfectly alright.

It occurred with some particular Chinese characters like "退出", "另存新檔".

It made me that I had to switch back to English in that thread.

By the way ,I could not find the thread "Theme" of Main Window in the lang file .


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I am not an new user to the windows family but when it comes to WPI I am realy new, a fantastic software with a lot of options.

Does anybody have Croatian language script bor must I try to translate it by myselfe :-/

If anybody does have the language script it would be nice to share it, thanks. MeRLiN4U

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Maybe you´re right it will be a chall to do it or try to doing it, I am a realy new user to the wpi (couple of days or so) so how shall I translate it all.

Maybe convert an English script to txt and then translate row for row to the Croatian language.

I have never used the script before so any help about would be nice.

Thanks for a very fast reply.

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I have some questions ex:

tabJScript[lang] = ['JScript']; // Do NOT translate!

I have translated everything before that from early morning untill now & it is a realy realy (f***in H job) & I should be payed for doing it :-)

So can I translate everything after that Do NOT translate or shall I translate Do NOT translate also in Croatian language.

I am waiting for your reply so my translation is standing for a while.

I did not belive that it would be so hard doing the translations & I was very wrong, but you know that already for sure.

Thanks, MeRLiN4U

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