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How to disable WRP? Answer in post #12


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So you are saying that something that protects us from malware & user incompetance is something we WANT to disable?

Protects us? When has wrp ever protected BLOATWARE 7 from viruses & such? Windows 7 needs tweaking, & I will not apologize for tweaking it.

But you ARE mis-leading the common user that this HAS to be disabled...


Yes wrp MAY be midly annoying to SOME power users. MOST people would want to keep it enabled or just temporarily bypass it.

I never said you should apologize I just think you are mistaken\misleading.

When hardrives are going for SUPER cheap (I mean pennies a gig) why is all this facination with space?

OK. Let's put it this way:

1) Nobody is asking anybody to apologize for anything.

2) The point of nuking WRP is taking control of the OS... Most people won't ever need it or want to, but it's great to know how to do it. And this is the first such description I find on the web. So, natsumerio, awesome! Keep on the great work! :thumbup

3) However, I really don't like where this thread is leading to. Even if Kel was somewhat more emphatic than needed, and that he was, he has his points. Moreover, calling WRP an abomination, etc., wasn't really required and provoked his reaction. Hence, natsumerio, *tone it down*! :angry: And consider yourself warned!

4) Just for the record, I've merged a previous thread to the one natsumerio had just started, since they both were about the same exact subject, but I think everybody has already noticed it, by now. :D

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I know this topic is a decade old, but truth never stops so I figured I'd comment :)

To be honest, the only way I've found is to shutdown your system, boot in a linux distro and delete all those files manually, unless one can make a script to do it. (I'm, not that talented yet lol)

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