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Can't delete change journal


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Running Windows 7, 64-bit... Trying to delete the change journal on C with the command 'fsutil usn deletejournal /d c:'

Immediately after I delete it, something restores it on c: - all other drives seem to be staying deleted. I have the Windows Search service disabled... what else could be restoring this?



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Protected OS files are kept elsewhere as a backup. For example, if you deleted logon.scr, it would re-appear again. If you want it totally removed, you need to remove it from where the backup is kept.

Right, this is different, though... Windows tracks all changes that are made to a drive in a change journal, stored in a hidden directory C:\$Extend\$UsnJrnl. Every change made to the drive is tracked, however the data itself is not stored, so it can't be used to roll back changes. I don't understand what purpose it could possibly serve (purpose that I'd care about, anyway), but it slows the system down, and if you've ever heard sudden disk thrashing for absolutely no reason, the change journal is the first suspect.

you manage the change journal via the fsutil command, but every time I delete the journal, something immediately recreates it.

Thanks for the input, though

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From what I remember with my brief toying with Vista (and this is one of the reasons I abandoned it), you can't disable the journal - as you've seen, the OS recreates it. :(

That's part of the transactional NTFS. I forgot the details, but I tried very hard (and I'm very persistent about these things) and it would always get recreated. I see no reason why win 7 woudn't be the same.


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