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performed a repair of XP on a raid 0 setup


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hey guys,

I am having problems with a friends PC. he got some nasty virus which I was able to get rid of but it messed up with explorer shell and what not. I decided to do a repair of his xp pro with obviously an xp pro cd. the repair went well but it now goes into a constant reboot loop.

I dont want to break the raid knowing that it will lose all the data. is there any way to get xp to boot?

and I wonder why would dell ship this pc out with a raid0 instead of a raid1 knowing that raid0 has no redundancy....**** them as now I am the one stuck!




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That's allright, I wonder why your friend bought a PC with a Raid 0 if he wanted redundancy. :whistle:

Now, first thing is to get out of the reboot loop.

Can you trying pressing F8 when booting:



And start in Safe mode?


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thanks for the reply.

yeah I tried safe mode with no luck. by reinstalling windows does the raid0 break?

well the pc came like that from dell. no way in heck he could of set that up himself! ;)

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yes, same sp level.

installed xp pro sp3, cd used was xp pro sp3

I dont understand what is happening as it should just be a regular win xp repair.

I used nlite to install the intel matrix drivers to the xpsp3 cd and the install went without a hitch.

now it gets to the xp splash followed by a half second bsod and then reboots again.

the dell bios is set to "raid on" instead of "raid autodetect/ata". that's the default setting and I have not changed it but what would happen if I set it to raid autodetect/ata? It warns about data loss but maybe that would make it boot?

and at this point I just need to get into the hd and copy the outlook pst file. once I do that I can break the raid, config as raid1 and reinstall windows again.

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