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Download Wrecked my Computer


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win98 se /custom

IE6.2 /custom


Started with small problem, turned into: Big Mess. Chronologically, 1st: end August suddenly couldn't

-scan & defrag

illness delayed sorting out, next few months; finally forced a defrag, then

Dec 1:

tried to post a question in long-standing membership website, craigslist.org

-can't get past home page

-password in my own e-mail in-boxes, and blog didn't work; new blog password,

but two features don't work:

-stats charts; blog host's Forum --now requires "registration" --even

from my own blog's Dashboard, but when I "register" nothing happens, only get the register page, over & over

-new password: also doesn't work --until I make an error --then it accepts correct password, opens

-researched, found how to fix: scan & defrag

-downloaded fresh copy of Adobe flash, put it on 'white' list to enable it's ActiveX controls

for stats charts

but nope: no craigslist access, no blog fixes

Then I thought maybe all the crabbing about IE was true, so I stepped way out of comfort zone, enabled:

-Opera --9.6

-same probs, no improvement

A tech installed win98 se version, when he removed a virus (years ago), so I don't have

original disk to do reinstall.

Figured probs from either a OS bug, some stale program or some kind of malware and

went looking for remedy, found a website of "updates" & "hot fixes" and after long consideration,

Violated my rule of NEVER downloading someone's anything, and downloaded some.

Got what I deserved:

-in addition to orig. probs, nothing worked right, "fixes" even kept me from getting on-line

-15+ days, hundreds of hours, non-stop re-booting:

to get back on-line and back where I started, with original probs.

If it matters:

-Spybot S&D says 'no probs'

-and SpywareBlaster still enabled, works, up-dated (Sunday)

-ran "msconfig" MANY times, finally set start-up to "Normal" (--then I uncheck

"non-windows app" and "sound")

-hated to but re-set: Tools > IE Internet Options to > "defaults" in "Advance" and in "Security"

Very luckily: made a Back-up of primary ( C) drive last summer (and recently made a Back-up

of secondary (D) drive), but I don't know if I should

"restore" that back-up, or "restore" the back-up with "new & file changes"

or do something else.

If you know how to fix the bugs, probs, or how to get on-line immediately (the way it was) without

rebooting multi times, or what my puter needs: please tell me...I'm exhausted, fed up, way not a techie

(hate tech stuff), so speak slowly, use short words (lol). Thanks for reply,


PS Sometimes puter makes a huffing/soft grinding noise; if you could tell me how to stop that,

other than with a re-boot, I'd hug the stuffn's outta ya.

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I would restore that back up from last time it worked. But without the possibility to reinstall windows you system will degrade of the years no matter what.

When you can get your system to work, after you restored, downolad and install uSP 3.0 and MDCU for IE6. Install IE6 if not yet installed.

Also have a look here. Theses updates found on this list are trustworthy.


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Finally got back on-line. Thanks for replying.

I cannot install the restore. What now?

Should I

-work on convincing MS to send me a fresh copy of win98 se?


-try to stay on-line long enough to download, install in the links you posted?

What are they?

If MS sends me a new disk: how would that work? If I delete the existing

before new install, won't the whole thing become disabled/impossible to install? Or

would I assign the disk a new drive letter (E ?), then delete ( C) ?

How do I do it? Or will the things in links fix the probs?

There's many other probs, but Any idea: How I can get into craigslist.org? Fix the charts? Get into blog host's forum?

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MS won't send you a w98 cd since it ended support and since you don't have a purchase agreement with them. But you can still look for someone who has an old w98SE cd (with serial number) in their attic.

When you get a *new* cd the best is to reformat disc C: and reinstall completely on this disc and then (re)install the updates.

In the meantime you can install uSP3.0, IE6.1 and MDCU (IE6 updates) (see links above).

Then download and install flash 9.0

- Flash 9.0.260 32-bit Web Player + Plug-ins for Windows 98/98 SP1/98 SE/ME + Microsoft 32-bit browsers [1.46 MB].

direct download

This should fix your issue with Graiglist and so on.

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UPDATE: Today After multi-tries, finally got on-line this morning, briefly. When I clicked on the

us3.0b download "free" thing, got the message

'too many users, you'll have to wait --unless you wanna pay'

I didn't, and then lost the connection anyway.

When I finally got back on-line again: got download started, but:

it didn't load past "7%" and "2 hours, 47 min." and just now poofed.

I'll go back, keep on trying to download.

If you know:

-could you say how long this download should take? 2:47 seems awfully long...


-Is it pre-set to load what I need?

I looked in "Advance" and saw a Whole lotta things, with clickable buttons

next to each, the #3 button was clicked, but do I need to get any others?


I removed what was already installed; added: macramedia flash to the "Allow" list.

On one of the re-boots: got message there was a Flash Security up-date --but before

I could open had to shut down.

I'll admit this download stuff is makn' me plenty nervous, with not enough information/

ignorance the source; I'm trusting you. If this puter blows up/crashes, me/myself

& I are toast, for a life.

I appreciate your reply, help. Fingers crossed I'm doing the right things.

Off to try and download again. I'll keep this open, watch for reply.


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This site, which offers several Free Antivirus Rescue CDs and DVDs may be of help ... but since you can't seem to download anything, you would need help from a friend's computer with the help of a CD/DVD burner. They have something new added called: PCTools Alternate Operating System Scanner


*** The link to this "new" program seems to be dead, maybe it is temporary ... can't say for sure. Too bad if it is dead, it sure sounded interesting.

PCTools Alternate Operating System Scanner ...

This is a bootable anti-spyware scanner that is able to disable spyware components that you cannot get rid of while running Windows (since the spyware prevents itself from being removed). After booting to your CD and running this program, you may still want the companion (commercial) Spyware Doctor to get rid of the remaining bits of the spyware on your system. (Note: since this product has not yet been officially released, it's listed only on the "Labs" page. To get it, click the "PC Tool Labs" link on the side column of the page, then scroll down to look for the "Alternate Operating System Scanner.)


I haven't worked with that program, so I know little about it, it's listed as "new".

I have the Kaspersky Rescue Disk. Just wanted to have something on hand in case I had a future problem.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk

"This rescue disk contains a bootable CD that will also boot to a Linux environment, and run a version of the Kaspersky anti-virus program. Like most of the other links on this page, this is an ISO file."

... I would check them all out ... the last Kaspersky Rescue Disk did work with Win 98SE and some of the others may also still work. They aren't always up to date but they usually allow you to go online and update the program or you could just run the CD to see what happens. In the end, you may just want to do what Fredledingue suggested in his earlier posting and try to get an original Win 98SE OS CD and start completely over. I helped a friend fix his computer several years back ... going very slow, 15 minutes to boot up and other stuff ... I put on an anti-virus program, got it running ... there were over 2700 viruses found on his machine ... the anti-virus program just couldn't get rid of about 6 problems. I just re-did his computer with a fresh install of ME (his OS) ... the only choice really left.

HTH ...

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win98 se /custom

IE6.2 /custom


Very luckily: made a Back-up of primary ( C) drive last summer (and recently made a Back-up

of secondary (D) drive), but I don't know if I should "restore" that back-up, or "restore" the back-up with "new & file changes" or do something else.

PS Sometimes puter makes a huffing/soft grinding noise; if you could tell me how to stop that,

other than with a re-boot, I'd hug the stuffn's outta ya.

Ok, let's look at this logically.

First, the "noises" - do they happen when you reboot and press the (Whatever) Key to get into the BIOS and continue? If so, you may have a hardware problem (failing CPU and/or Power Supply fan, or HDD failure).

Second, if you have ever used Add/Remove Windows Components and added anything, chances are you have the Installation Files tucked away somewhere. Boot to Safe Mode and search for "WIN*.CAB" without quotes. If they exist, attempt to copy the entire folder containing them to the D-drive. This might be used to re-install Windows.

IE6.2 Custom? No such beast. IE6 SP1 is the last, unless you'r referring to an "unofficial SP2".

Please respond as to the first two questions above. Don't really care about the third.

I cannot install the restore.
Why not? How did it get "backed up"? Depending on that, it may still be restorable.

There is usually a certain order that some "fixes" need installed (even MSFN "unofficial"). Randomly installing updates may or may not bite you big.

If the answer to Question#1=No and Question#2=Yes, then you may be OK. Even better, if No/Yes and you have access to another HDD (nearly any size no less than 500meg) then you could maybe use it to install to and do a Free Online Virus Scan (several reputable sites offer them) if indeed it's Malware thus saving the current install.

Bottom line, first we need to get you up-and-running with little or no loss of data. Then proceed to getting you "updated with all fixes". (Could really use a full install set of "some Windows" onto a 2nd HDD.)

Are you using this PC to get to MSFN or another (curious)?

Report back before proceeding and we'll get you there...

DOH! I see Wireless mentioned - if it's "shared" (for want of a better term) with others, you may see a slow-down of WWW-access.

...and lest I forget, hopefully duffy98's suggestions helped if malware. if access to a friend's pc to burn a number of suggested free packages (see MSFN malware section) you might be able to install in Safe Mode and run them directly...

and here is a direct and faster download of uSP30b4 served by a valued member (MDGx).

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Yes using RapidShare is not the best when we have internet issues!!

uSP3.0 makes 20Mb and MDCU makes 14 Mb. So they must be gotten in a matter of minutes.

You will find both in direct download on this page:


But in this state of affair I'd recommand downloading from another computer, then transfering the files via CD-r or USB.

Another thing that puzzles me: You are talking of an "Allow" list.

No such a thng on w98. Unless you are talking of a firewall which would explain a lot of things.

If you have a firewall or an antivirus installed, they may proceed to download and install automatic updates non compatible with w98 and messing up with your computer.

Just an idea.

The other ideas posted above are also good ones.

We definetly need more infos (more than you trying to reboot x times).

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Hi Good Techie Peeps


IE6 /custom

Opera 9.5

Spybot S&D

NetVeda Safety Net

HiJack This

wireless (router)

(if it matters [?]: a repair tech added a second hard drive, years ago, so I have

primary & slave drives)


To Each: I appreciate. Thank you for replying.

@Steven W

-Bios --???

No Clue --what that is/(mostly) don't understand what you wrote; the "F" keys (to get to Safe Mode) don't work, Safe Mode only if puter screwed up/chooses it;

-Rotten Download:

Don’t remember name, can’t find (--somehow: NOT in my History file). It was a “hot” fix website, table (on grey background) each prob (in a box) and corresponding “fix” link; some links were dead. I tried to research each before down-loading, but I don’t know enough to get tech stuff/no way to know if any of it good/correct. But: had been around a good while, MANY comments, could see knowledgeable had used it, said it solved their probs, "creator" had responded. Thot since it had been up long time: if any part was bad would have been corrected, said so or been deleted. Weongo. “Created” by someone named something like “soporific.”



some days silence; sometimes: starts when booting, so I shut down, re-start till no noise; other times: starts after a few hours. If I'm in the middle of something, tolerate till I can shut down, but it doesn't to affect anything. Possible: dust?

-WIN CAB --???

No clue what that is/find/install *****, getting booted AGAIN

Just so you know-

-Not a *drifter* -will return, read/reply, unless I cannot, until mess


-this Forum:

didn't "remember me"/re-loads MANY (few hundred --???) things constantly/looks Entirely different from 1st time/booted sev. times (since yesterday afternoon) while trying to reply –get the hated “illegal op” message/and/or resources drop so low nothing works

-Learned to use a computer, by myself, long ago (Google didn't exist, lol), but not how: no one to ask, those who knew wouldn't talk to those who didn't –didn’t like‘newbies’ and too busy screaming about 'Internet getting ruined/changing from free/ads showing up.’ Ergo: know next to nothing about tech stuff --don't retain, understand, and resent how complicated; believe originators Totally screwed up making it sooooooo complex --e.g. Gates selling un-finished (un-patched) software, e.g., cookies-- if he hadn't 'helped' advertisers (snowed users with "necessity"/"benefits"), EVERYone -thing Better off. oh well

So: Don’t, mostly, understand above suggestions; Do know: will use a “Beta” anything on the 12th of never


-after my last post: everything so screwed up only "Solitaire" worked, for several days; after 30th (-50th?) re-boot:

-blog Dashboard - charts: found a Flash Player (again) for right sys. Requirements, downloaded it (again): charts work now

but blog log-in and Forum still a mess

-(one) e-mail password/log in: fixed –don’t why, how

Got so fed up:

> control panel > hard drive “C” >opened hundreds (thousands?) of files (went thru each thing), examined for up-grade, conflicts, deterioration, etc.

Found >Installer (don't remember seeing before) >enabled nearly every one --seemed

to improve things a bit

>Tweak UI >"restored factory setting" and >re-set nearly every tweak

>cookies: manually deleted many (membership, and old ones); better, but site log in, etc., not fixed

Still have probs:

-resources: suddenly loose, have to shut down

-hangs 1/every 2 shut-downs

-sites: craigslist, other long-time and registered, ‘remember me’ doesn’t (--yes, “persistent data” enabled)

Bottom line:

Though possible, I don't believe spy or malware; but may be because somehow acquired something called:


When I was doing up-grade of an existing (working) program I got pop-up:

"...cannot load, not compatible with MSMXL 4.0 and WINHTTP.DLL file is missing"

--don’t know how WINHTTP.DLL library went missing, but now I think those

Real source of probs.

*GETTING booted


MS website gives (too complicated) instructions

“…before enabling missing WINHTTP.DLL library, delete [uninstall] MSMXL”

--but instructions aren’t for win98, they’re for "Vista" which I don’t have.

-Do you think:

MSMXL.40 and/or missing WINHTTP.DLL cause of probs?

-If so: what to do?

-If I delete/uninstall MSMXL.40: how? –need really simple instructions

-then: replace with? How? “ “ “ “

-Where to get (safe) missing file: WINHTTP.DLL

-How to install?

-If I make these changes:

will blog password, craigslist, other sites, hanging, resource loss, etc., etc., work?

*CAN’T stay on long enuf to edit, getting booted

If you think these Aren’t the cause of probs, what to do? Please: keep it simple –boiled down to Basics

--Simple directions.

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First, "soporific" is a long-standing member here (although disappeared for a while). The downloads you used may be one of -

a - UBCD for Win 98SE (thread has been removed from MSFN due to a licensing restriction in the "package")

b - AutoPatcher for Win98SE (thread is still here and links still exist "somewhere" to get it)

Package "a" uses components from package "b" to "silently install/reinstall and upgrade" 98SE to the latest available patches and to install all needed drivers. I'm running on it now (please don't ask where to get it). The problem with the licensing may have been to proprietary (e.g. you didn't pay for the right to use it) items in the (maybe) drivers, (maybe) several utilities, and (possibly) several modules used during HDD setup.

Package "b" does not include drivers but does include all of the latest available patches. The patches are all listed (and links given) in the "stickies" in this forum (Latest Hotfixes). Also includes an older version of WPI (an MSFN Member Project) that installs a ton (exaggeration) of freeware/shareware software. I have the latest of this also.

Neither would cause the problems you suggest. If you look through the threads, you'll find limitations to highest version of any given MS Updates/Fixes/Patches that can be used on Win98SE (or any of the 9x families).

Bottom line is that using either package, you will be at the highest level of "fixes" available to 98SE and to install any "updates" beyond that will hose you really bad. Notice that you could install the "fixes" manually simply by downloading them (ref. the "Latest Hotfixes" thread) and running them. Both of the above simply automate the process for you.

As for the "noise", take the side off of the tower and when it starts, carefully listen to see which component is making it and replace it.

a - Power Supply (dirt - dry-air blow it and maybe a touch of WD40 on the fan-culprit)

b - CPU Fan (same as Power Supply)

c - Case Fan (same...)

d - HDD (back it up and replace it)

If "noise" persists in any of the above, replace the component (fans may be replaced in any of above as long as the same type). Otherwise, you might have installed something that is thrashing the heck out of your HDD (possibly a trojan).

Try a "clean" install (after backing up your valuable data elsewhere) and run an Online Virus scan (many are available on the internet) but be wary and use only an online site that is trusted and don't click on their website until you know they're safe. If you get no "noise" and/or no functional errors after a period of time, then it's something you "did wrong" (whatever...). Also be aware that in the AutoPatcher some FreeWare no longer functions (support dropped, e.g. AVG7).

- edits -

And the files for install (ref. the CAB files) are usually in the folder

"C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS" and if UBCD was used (probably not) then in "C:\WINDOWS\SETUP" unless an unorthodox install was used.

You might also try CCLEANER and SpyBot (if you can get them downloaded and run them) to perhaps ensure that you don't have any any Trojans etc. If you leave Temporary Internet Files/Cookies uncleaned and/or the Temp folders uncleaned (undeleted) "bad stuff" tends to continue. Also try using FireFox (last version working for Win98SE) to maybe help with pop-ups (and find/get NoScript add-on installed while in FireFox).

Note - also using FireFox on this 98SE as we speak.

To get into "Safe Mode", just press the "Shift" key (automatic) and the F8 key is for getting a Selection List (Safe Mode is one of them).

I believe "WINHTTP.DLL" is for NT-type operating systems as this 98SE has MSXML4SP2 (KB925672) installed (the correct version from the UBCD/AP/MSFN-Hotfix-list) and there's none on mine. I'd say your trying to upgrade (something) to a version not supported on 98SE.

Tip - If you go into "Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Information" and look under "Software Environment-Software Updates" you'll see every (?) single Hotfix installed. As for uninstalling the MSXML4, you can if you want to (it's an MSI package) but probably not the problem.

BTW, if you can "find" your Install Files (ref. above) then there's a thread on MSFN on how to create a second partition, install a "basic" 98SE on it, and use it to access the internet in lieu of the "hosed" one.

- end edits -


Edited by submix8c
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Thanks for replying.

1. Your reply so wide, deep, a.) glad prob's prevented me from posting in my usual

tech website (they're fun/funny but nearly Impossible to understand)

b.) so many possibles cannot deal with all these at once; I'll post as I sort out each

2. Download "creator" "soporific"

-glad I got it right first try (thot maybe 'sporic' et al).

I like it that you know that handle, defend him, but no practical effect/changes nothing:

my computer had some annoyances,

thot it wise to "Up-date" --and from his (long-standing) website,

after (THOSE) downloads (--and nothing else/not "higher") my computer

reduced into nearly inoperable mess.

I tried to find his site again: he asked for comments--

wanted to know how his 'fixes' worked out, I wanted to tell him.

3. "go into "Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Information" and look under

"Software Environment-Software Updates" you'll see every (?) single Hotfix installed"

I've spent fair amount of time Searching my computer, over years, recently; I'm stunned

that I've never seen that hierarchy before... I mean Stunned; there's TONS in there.

I'll start looking up each (hot "fix"), see if I can find The Corruption. Thanks!

4. "Firefox"

I just happened to find: when the group was forming (out of university), and

having on-line discussions; learned things (news to me IE was bad/hated/flawed);

I just Knew

they were going to build a better mouse-trap, but since I'm not 'beta bait,' wanted

to wait until the usual 'crabbers' who know what they're whining about got 'happy.'

By the time I went to download, didn't have/see a reason to, and then (disappointed)

sys. requirements/version sailed past and couldn't. --For posting the Possible version:

Thank You!


charts --fixed

log-in -preview -forum --all still broken;

grabbed fresh copy of blog's template, didn't help a thing


nothing fixed, can't get into any of usuals, none 'remember me' including

this Forum and I have it Bookmarked, sheesh;

on the good side: not booted/forced log-out while posting this time

*spoke too soon


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  • 2 weeks later...

Most sites user logins and passwords are stored by the browser you are using. They are not stored by Windows operating system.

If you have installed a newer browser, the file containing the encrypted ids & passwords may have been left in an old folder, under a different directory tree. Mozilla changed where they stored the password file recently [i don't remember the details...] and if you just installed a newer version of the browser, you might have to copy the file to the new location.

I *think* the file will be XXXXXXXX.s where the X's are replaced by numbers. The file name is NOT common from machine to machine to prevent any virus from finding it by looking for an expected file name.

So, if you find a .s file in the windows\application data\mozilla\Profiles\default\XXXXXXX.slt directory, it is likely your encrypted id & pw.

The XXXXXXX.slt is also unique to your computer, and your id.

Hope this helps more than confuses.


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