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Generic driver for multi-card reader USB

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I found this generic driver for multi card reader.

When I first plugged my new USB multi card reader, windows failed to properly install the driver. The device was seen by the system but the driver could not be loaded.

I hoped NUSB would do the job as it did usualy so well but this time it didn't.

So I looked for something else and I found this.

USB all-in-1 card reader, Direct download:

driver.zip (7.5 Mb)

Driver page index/website:

Drivers index

You will find there other versions available -mostly w98 compatible- as well as other drivers.

(IMO this site may be interresting.)

Here is how to proceed:

1/ If you have tried to install a driver for it unsuccessfuly, connect the card reader, wait a few seconds. Then go to "Control Panel" --> "System" --> "Device Manager". Remove the item listed as your card reader (possibly flagged with an exclamation mark).

If you don't find it, go to "Control Panel" --> "Add/Remove Software" and remove what you have installed for this device if any. If you don't find anything there go to step 2.

2/ Unplug the card reader.

3/ Read the instructions in "Manual_for_English.exe" found in the zip package. Take note on a sheet of paper of when you will have to plug or unplug the card reader because this is very important.

Failure to plug or unplug the device at the appropriate time will cause the installation to fail.

4/ Launch "setup.exe" and continue according to the instructions you have read in "Manual_for_English.exe".

5/ When it asks you to plug the card reader and wait for the driver to be installed, do it.

If nothing happens after a few seconds, press "OK".

6/ After you pressed "OK", unplug the card reader.

You must unplug the card reader before you click "Next" and before the computer restarts.

7/ Click "Next" and let the computer restart completely.

8/ When the computer has restarted completely (after the hourglass and everything), plug the card reader in and wait for the drivers to be installed. An installation progress bar should start automaticaly.

9/ If the installation is successful, you will see one new drive for each slot in the card reader. Albeit only the slot with a card in it will be accessible.

At this time you can drag and drop contents with Explorer.

Attention: This was tested only on my computer (as far as we are concerned) and there is no garantee whatsoever of usability on other machines.

Always back up your system first. Proceed carefuly. Use at your own risk!

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Thanks for the download. I bought a card reader last year and never got around to installing it till last month. I had lost the little cd that came with it, that had the drivers on it for Win 98SE. I saw this download update from MDGx dated 01-07-2010. I already had NUSB on my machines and installed the Smart Card Base. The card reader installed with no problem. I wasn't sure if that Smart Card Base would work but something worked. I will still download what you posted, always good to have it saved somewhere, never know.


Smart Card Base:

• Microsoft Windows 98/98 SP1/98 SE/ME Smart Card Base Components Platform Software Developers Kit (SDK) Redistributable:

Direct download [1.05 MB].

How to install Smart Card Base Components Redist:

Run scinst.EXE -> run scard.exe -> change directory to \x86\Eng subfolder -> run SCBase.Exe.

Smart Card Base Components required by most Smart Card driver installations!

Smart Card Base Components ReadMe.

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Thanks for the info ... I wasn't real sure about a smart card reader. I have a 4 slot multi card reader ... it puts 4 drive letters on my computer, usually E thru H ... I guess the NUSB works for me without anything additional. There is one other thing that I did do, came to me later after I posted earlier. I replaced usbstor.inf with the one that dencorso made dated Dec 2009 ... maybe that was of some help or the NUSB 3.3 took care of everything.

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Obviously there are several ways to solve this problem. Perhaps had I replaced usbstor.inf, it would have solved the problem. Perhaps I didn't need a 7.5Mb pack. Perhaps 3 small files (usbcrdrv.inf, usbcrdrv.sys and usbstor.pdr) from a zip file found during my search (Link) would suffice. But I decided to give a try to the 7.5 Mb installer.

It enumerates the card drives from I through M. I never been that high in the alphabet! :whistle:

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Again dencorso, thanks for posting the links to Multibooter's thread. You always come through with information or help. I have read and copied everything to a folder ... thanks Fredledingue also for your help on a Smart Card and a Multi Card breakdown and the downloads. I am saving everything to a cd for the future, never know if it might be needed and then the downloads might be gone.

I admit, I got my card reader probably over a year ago ... bought a cell phone replacement battery direct from Hong Kong and they also had this muliti card reader for sale ... it came with a mini-cd with Win 98SE drivers ... so I thought I had better get a card reader while it still worked with Win 98SE. Then I completely forgot about it till last month. I'd been wanting to get one anyway for a couple of years. My reader only has 4 slots but I see some come with 5 slots, not sure what card goes in the 5th slot or what I'm missing on my card reader. It does read the card I use in my camera. This is an area that I never spent a lot of time investigating and I guess I should. What got me concerned was when Fredledingue started this thread and I read his first post and the card reader that I had bought came back into my head ... located the reader but I could not find the mini-cd with the Win 98SE drivers ... the card reader has no name, just Hong Kong on it, so no web site to go to for the drivers. So I put the MDGx Smart Card Base update on and the new Dec 2009 usbstor.inf update I found in another posting by dencorso ... plugged the card reader in and it was recognized. I have no idea if I needed the updates or not, just happy the card reader was recognized since I couldn't find the mini-cd with the drivers. ... as I said earlier, I guess I need to learn more about card readers for Win 98SE. I may even look around for a cheap 5 slot card reader to have on hand, since I have no idea what card size is missing on my 4 slot card reader. It could be a card I will never use, don't know. Need to research all this. ...thanks again.

** Fredledingue ... Question, that picture of a 5 card reader (Transcend) that you posted earlier, is that the card reader that you have? Looks like a good card reader.

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No, these pictures are examples I found at random on the internet.

My multi-card reader is this one:


It has 5 slots and seems to accept cards of 10 different shapes and countless sub-formats.

It's nothing extraordinary since other multi-card readers I have seen at the stores have the same specifications and suport the same number of card formats. I bought it for 10 €.

Anyway we are likely to use the 2 or 3 most popular ones so I don't think you miss something with only 4 slots.

Because all these devices are standardized (many coming from the same factory in China with another design under another brand), generic drivers are likely to work on most of them now and in the future.


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Fredledingue ... thanks again for the info. After reading Multibooter's thread on single and multi card readers (dencorso - message #6) I decided to get the one that he recommends ... MSI StarReader mini II ... it is a single card reader with various size card slots. Made out of stainless steel and blue led light. Only puts one drive letter on your machine. Trouble is I can't find one for sale anywhere ... At MSI they list "Where to Buy" retailers ... Amazon, Buy.com and several that have gone out of business. Can't find the card at Amazon or Buy.com ... will search on Google. I guess with this card reader and the multi boot card reader I already have, I should be covered, now and down the road. ... thanks

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