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Adolf Hitler responds to the iPad


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the best part about this is while all the fanboys are dissapointed, I doubt they realize that Apple did this on purpose (remember how they released a 2G smartphone 3 years ago after every other 2G smartphone had dissapeared from the market and acted like thats what every wanted). I guarantee if the iPad is even moderately successful they already have plans for some combination of the following:

iPad Slim (possibly the iPad Air) same as the the iPad but without the huge bezel

iPad S slightly faster CPU, much larger pricetag and barely functional multitasking -might also include USB or SD built in (like every netbook ever made) making it less dongle-riffic than the current iPad

iPad Photo Coming in 2011 -adds a camera (not to be confused with the iPad Video Coming in 2012)

iPad Wide (Widescreen)

iPad TV (HDMI/Displayport out, maybe more storage)

When they launch one of these theyll likely have improved the keyboard software as well and theyll provide it as an update to placate the new owners of the iPad Obsolete.

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