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  1. hitler subbed videos provide interesting viewing angles to everyday matters. ty
  2. worked perfectly on english ver. of XP Home SP3 Thank u
  3. or u can just hit (Win-key + D ) to do the same thing without any shortcuts. it's built-in function.
  4. why dont u setup your own ftp server ? its easier safer and more customisable.
  5. i dont know if this is trusted (personally i dont trust it!) but if you are looking for win98 there a tone of it in the p2p network in which that site mentioned. so just keep your license and ask for a win98 copy from your local netcafe or the nearest kid with a xdsl. i am pretty sure you will find quite the help wherever you may be. Or even better and more legal just go to a compaq dealer in your area and there it will have them restored, or whatever it is they do to recover it. I hope i helped a bit George
  6. maybe you should try to loosen up your protections if you cant customize them properly. 1) dont use windows firewall.Sygate is enough 2) enable dcc server in mirc (some chans need it enabled to be able to receive) 3) check if the firewall or router has any blocked ports. 4) always read the nfo's necessary when entering a channel or dcc talking to a bot. and dont tweak the default timing values of your mirc client.dont use heavy scripts I hope that will help you fix your problem
  7. Is there any program freeware or not, for caller identification in windows xp?i havent found anything so far. Thanx
  8. skyworld why dont you do a google and try to find a guide about your problem?usually that helps much more instead of posting general questions of how to setup a network.There are quite over-analysed guides out there that can help you much more. friendly George
  9. i cant remember right know where ics is in win2k since there are not any win2k machines near me.Try using the hep file of windows Press F1 and make a query for internet connection sharing or share connection there should be some helpfull results.XP and win2k are different but are not that different,and win2k definitely support connection sharing. check this out too http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/ics_2000 i think it might help a bit
  10. I had a kinda same problem,(1 less net card though,so i had to give access to a second pc through a net card and have access through a usb adsl modem,not router!!!) but here is how i solved it.In order to connect the 2 desktops u need to enable ics.Goes along with the build in firewall i think but enable it anyway.Then if u have another firewall application running just turn off firewall from security center and tick the "i have a firewall solution that i monitor myself" button.Enable the dns,dhcp service.When in the network connections folder ctrl+select the 2 network cards right click and bidge them.For the second pc use gateway the 1st pc's internal ip. That would be something like 1st pc: mask dns:given form your isp 2nd pc: ip: msk gw: dns:the same as the 1st pc's settings goes here Share something and use netbios to see if it works. dont forget to allow any access in the local network through your firewall solution.If necessary add trusted ips manually. Worked for me so it must work for u 2 !!! i hope i helped a bit
  11. durex i think you didnt get the point of what i want to do.The thing is that RDC rulez big time over anything that tries to emulate it,since it uses build-in functions of XP.But,what i want to do is when i go home and connect my laptop to my desktop i want to have access in the desktop pc (including output in the 19'' desktop screen) without having to traffic the output to a 15.4'' wide screen laptop.Thus having control of my desktop without having to switch keyboards and pluging the mouse to desktop.I want something like a software emulation of a hardware switch.I hope i have made clear my requirements,since english is not my native language.I thing that tight vnc will do the trick,as is well known that rdc locks the console while opened from somewhere else. Thnx for replying and sharing your thoughts
  12. I will give a try to tightvnc!!! see what happens. Thanx for your replies.
  13. I have done a search and since i have found nothing i took the liberty to make a thread and ask about it. I've been told that there is a client/server application that allows a keyboard and mouse control to be transferred to a pc over ip, thus making 2 mouses and 2 keyboards disappear(and useless) or ever better to get rid of the TS(where applicable).Since most users would use it to control from laptop the desktop when home.(at least that is why i intend to use it anyway).If anyone knows the name of this client/server program i would be most happy to be informed about it. Thanx for reading this. I hope something good will come out. George
  14. @Zxian: It seems to work,it keeps the cpu @591 but i wonder if i want to play warhammer for example,will it go up to 1.6? The one thing i dont like though in this is that i cant let it for more than a minute idle,it goes to save battery close monitor and it will go in standby in 2 minutes!!! (what happens if there is a download that needs 3 minutes to finish? anyway @lvlolvlo: Nice proggy,seems to do what i want to.I post this just before i install it.If you see no more posts,then happy new year and i'll end up with another notebook in addition i'll try and install motherboard monitor 5370,just to have a check on it. Have a nice day 2 u all
  15. I have an Acer 2023Wlmi, and right now i have set the power options to max battery,i'll try your way and see what happens.

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