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Favorite Firewall

Favorite Firewall  

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  1. 1. Favorite Firewall

    • Comodo
    • Outpost Firewall
    • F-Secure Internet Protection
    • Kaspersky Internet Security
    • Lavasoft Personal Firewall
    • ESET Smart Security
    • Sunbelt Personal Firewall
    • Norton Internet Security
    • Zone Alarm
    • Black Ice
    • other software firewall
    • hardware firewall
    • none

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What is everyones favorite firewall? Zone Alarm used to be my favorite firewall until they added to much crap to it. Now it is just bloatware that slows down your computer.

Here is a new poll to replace the old one:

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My favorite host based firewall is no doubt Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, introduced with Vista. I can manage it with the mmc snap-in (wf.msc) or command line using the netsh advfirewall firewall context. Only problem is no outbound notifications, there is an app for that though http://www.sphinx-soft.com/Vista/index.html

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My favorite host based firewall is no doubt Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, introduced with Vista

Same here. The built-in firewall is plenty good. I wouldn't switch to a 3rd party firewall even if they all became free and/or open source.

As for Kerio, it's quited dated (from 2003), and as such likely won't work with "modern" OS'es, or IPv6, or x64 versions of Windows, probably doesn't integrate with Windows (and other apps as well, or using scripts, or group policy, or ...) nearly as well as Windows' own and so on.

Lots of people seem to like Comodo. I can't be bothered to even try it.

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Moved topic from Software Hangout and added poll. Unpinned the old thread.

I use Windows ICF in combination with a hardware firewall.

Thx for setting this up for me :). I voted Comodo. It seems to do a decent job, but it gives way to many warning messages sometimes.

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[resurrecting a dead thread]

I don't have a favourite, for a hardware firewall on the workstation I just pull the plug on the modem.

Yesterday though I was searching for something more up-to date as 2000 doesn't have one built in like XP

or Linux and newer has, my old standby has always been GhostWall[found at MajorGeeks.com] it is lite, doesn't have a

teach/learn mode and consumes no resources both ZoneAlarm and PrivateFirewall were giving me a hard time though,

so I got frustrated with them and reverted back to GW.

Then used Easycleaner 2.0 to get rid of their traces.

Though when i disconnect the modem from the A/C everything stops. FF and T-bird go into 'work offline' mode.

While for the longest time I was blaming GW for the spontaneous disconnects[FF & TB going 'w.o.' while the modem is plugged

in] it seems more likely [since I had a two day run without getting bumped out, then it just happened fifteen minutes ago]

it seems more to do with the hydro power coming in...in both cases I get back on after a reboot. Unlike the XP home machine

in the other room that doesn't require a reboot. However, GhostWall is old..no longer developed so I've been looking

for a new one that operates more like the interactive one included with my Mandriva Linux setup to run in 2000 but there are

some things Linux can't do, like run my two MDP-130s or Sighnup Shield. Hence my curiosity in this thread.

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  • 3 years later...

By my side I choose always a security product looking for comparisons

My personal opinion is not safe enough if I don't have to crosscheck with others and, mainly, with specific tests.

So, I choosed Comodo not just because I like it or it is free, but because HERE is the winner of the comparison ;)


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