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  1. Hello jaclaz, tks for your reply Yes, the Bitrate column is set to be shown in explorer since years, it's just completely blank (no infos) In your first link you gave to me I found the regedit's folder previously not founded: instead to looking for it manually I just used the F3 function Modified the InfoTip regkey as suggested, rebooted and no fix (I attach the image of the mp3 folder, maybe you can see something wrong nor missing), if it should be not readable enough as attachment, here below the original image About the last link you kindly provide to me, I'm not so confidential with the regedit and its command lines to understand what I have to do sorry Anyway, my suspect is there is something wrong in Explorer regkeys, about the mp3 ones I think everything is ok Tks again!
  2. Many tks jaclaz for your reply I checked your first link, everythink is fine except the folder SystemFileAssociations mentioned: it's missing at all. I have a folder named ".mp3" but it's directly in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder (see the attachement) Anyway from that article seems everything is needed to aneable more infos in the hoover behaviour For the second link instead, the only action the reg file had on my system is to associate back the mp3 files to WMP and not to WinAmp anymore. The columns Bitrate and Lenght in Explorer are still empty for any kind of mp3s... Tks anyway for your time, really appreciated
  3. Hello to all! I just discover the issue in the thread's title. The missing info are valid for all mp3s I have stored since years! I had disable all media center scheduled task, I tried to enable all back, reboot but nothing change so, that's was not the cause. Recently I didn't modify any windows service, so at this point I'm completely stuck! Any ideas? Tks in Advance!!
  4. Hello and tks for your reply. Actually all my PC's NICs are setted to AUTO, both for Gateway and DNS', I just used to reserve an IP address for each NICs into the router, just the ADSL IP I can't have static because it depends from my ISP. I have a try and I'll let you know where I'll be stuck, just in case Tks for now to all
  5. Tks for your reply, it sounds good, but I think it's too much for my knowledge
  6. And, if you loved the quick launch like me, in windows 7 is just hidden, to get it back just follow THESE easy steps
  7. By my side I choose always a security product looking for comparisons My personal opinion is not safe enough if I don't have to crosscheck with others and, mainly, with specific tests. So, I choosed Comodo not just because I like it or it is free, but because HERE is the winner of the comparison always
  8. Hello to all, I have this situation: Netgear DGND4000 modem/router To the router I have connected my two PCs and my Samsung LED TV My motherboard (ASUS P8Z77V-Pro) has its wifi b/g/n card (not yet installed) and respective antennas What generate my question: I just discover an ASUS app for my Android smartphone (WiFi Go!) letting me to control the PC via the mobile, but having everything wired it doesn't works. So, I need wired connection to transfer huge files in less time inside my LAN, but I would also the wifi link to be able to use the mobile app to control everything from the sofa Do you think it should possible to have a wifi and ethernet connection working together on the same PC, each one doing different duty? Tks in advance
  9. Hello to all, Usually I have experienced a red X in the middle of the line between the modem and Internet icons, but this time is different: Always no internet connection but the symbol is this Any idea? Tks in advance
  10. Nothing to do Uninstalling all the apps one by one doesn't help. Especially because I'm quite sure for the circle was something needing a reboot, and several programs, after uninstall them, ask me to reboot. So, just rebooting normally it disappearing, and rebooting after a program uninstalled doesn't let me to understand if it is fixed or not. Right now I restore the system of my desktop computer to last august 2011 using an Acronis image I had in my archive. I'll keep more attention from now. For the laptop I really don't know what to do.... I don't have an Acronis' image old enough....
  11. Yes, of course. If I don't remember wrong I tryed one time to close everything was possible via task manager but with no results, the circle was always there. I suppose an hidden process or whatelse, and the fact to don't have the circle everyday but sometimes during the month make me angry (I like to work to fix in short time, not in this way). My last chance is to uninstall completely all the programs, one by one, and see what happen (I'll do an Acronis image before to start in this hardly way) I'll keep you update, tks again mate
  12. Hello and tks for your time I have a look about the threads and for me there is nothing unusual, many of them are common to my laptop and many others not, but all are coming from installed and legitimate programs. Should be more indicative understand what trigger the circle on my computer desktop, in this case I can try to close one precess via task manager and see what's happpen. I suppose I'll need a lot of time to focus this thing. For now tks again for you time, very kind
  13. Finally, to save the info in the procexplorer's lower pane is not possible, fortunately I have SnagIT and I captured the info as image file, here it is (I know, it's quite huge!)
  14. Hello! Finally I have some more information and what I discovered is really funny. So, I'm using the laptop with the battery, to preserve it I switch from max performances to balanced ones, and the circle appear. Run Process Explorer 15.13 it say, using its crosshair, it is explorer.exe, so I killed the process and start it again (Run->explorer.exe) and the circle is not present. I change again the power options and circle is back So, killing explorer.exe I kill the circle, using the power options trigger the circle on So, the power management switch that circle on, it might be ok on a laptop, but what matter with my desktop computer??? Checked the desktop computer right now: opening the power management didn't trigger the circle on..... It starts to make me crazy....
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