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nLite quiet?


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Is it end of project after XP SP3?

I would like see in new release:

1. separatly files of a sections [tweaks] [services] etc... like tweaks.ini, services.ini, services2.ini...

2. "common files" rename, replace... other folders? system32 ?

3. do not need please to use HKCU\...\RunOnce! -- If shell isn't = explorer.exe that not work at first boot!

HKLM...\RunOnce is better! (I use shell=blackbox.exe not explorer.exe)

RunOnceEx the same not works properly!

Maybe anybody have a RunOnce.exe binary alternative?

Question: What is files to patched nLite? uxtheme.dll....syssetup.dll and more? is it secret?

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Suggest this topic be locked before it prompts any more response...

Agreed. Development stopped and I don't see Nuhi coming back out of the blue and making major changes to his app, for a version of Windows that's 2 versions of date and that's almost a decade old.


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