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Question about booting from a usb flash drive


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First, if you boot from a USB flash stick then i assume it will run at 1.1 speed even if the motherboard supports 2.0, i am thinking that only the 1.1 drivers will be loaded from the bios?

Second, if you want to boot a NON linux iso(of linux files) what is best way to do this, there are a few tools like unetbootin that burn Linux isos to a flash drive and hence make it bootable, i don't think it works with windows isos though, could be wrong.??

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This is more a hardware question, so I'll move this post after.

Some motherboards have USB config settings in the BIOS. The wording varies so I couldn't tell you exactly what to look for. Some machines do run 1.1 speeds at boot but some other run 2.0 speeds. The only USB 2.0 capable system I know that uses 1.1 speeds at boot is the MSI Wind/U100 Netbook. I am sure there are other ones out there tho.

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