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Win 98 on Win Xp with Virtual PC


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I have some software that I want to run on my Win XP machine using Virtual PC and Win 98.

My XP machine does not have floppy drives, so I want to know how I can install Win 98 on the Virtual PC without floppies. Is it possible to put the floppies on to USB and use that somehow?

What have others done before me?

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You might also be interested in this nifty tool (based on MS' techniques) -

Virtual Floppy Drive -


If you can get an IMA (filename.IMA) then it can be mounted and manipulated just as if it were a real floppy drive with a real floppy disk. WinImage will create a couple for you (trial version will work fine). Just remember to create IMA's and not IMZ's (these are the compressed variations).


edit -

another topic in which jaclaz refreshes my memory (indirectly) also refers to IMDISK


This should also work nicely...

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