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  1. all versions of windows 7 can be moved to one ISO, and all versions of windows 7 can be moved to one ISO. i used AIO Maker for this,
  2. i am from Pakistan, i am here after a long time,,
  3. you win XP SP4 is in .EXE, how i can install it from USB of CD? while i am not using xp, i mean i want clean install of your xp from CD formatting whole hard disk. please help me. you can tell me when does final version of your project will come for us??
  4. Assalam o Alaikum for all Muslims. i am new here, from Pakistan,
  5. as many of us know NLITE is great tool for creating, customizing and deploying Windows XP installation, & VLITE for Windows Vista. Now the develepor of NLITE is working for Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 tool. The new release will come in few months, For more details go to: www.nliteos.com
  6. from a long time, you have not released any update for it. you have stopped working on this tool?
  7. how to make nlite addon of KELS CPL BONUS PACK?

  8. how to make registry tweaks for nlite,i have registry file,but i dont know how to make its addon

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