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  1. Blue locked Components require a License. What, an NTLite License? I'll be getting one when I have to go this direction, just wanted to know for sure.
  2. Is there a way to change the default location for users, programs, programs(x86), and maybe program data directories from C:\ to D:\? Thanks
  3. Sorry ahead of time if I posted in the wrong place, I Like to install Users program files. Programs files (x86) on a separate partition or disc. Usually I do it manually during install and have to do Users just after by creating an Admin account named Z and during and after remove the account and delete it's files. I can't get computor data to move with out all kinds of problems. I think it's because I have an OEM or factory OS. So if I was to use a regular OS disc would there be a way to do this unattended, in Vlite or any other way instead of the manual way. Thanks, T
  4. Not really but you can press ctrl+shift+f3 to enter audit mode yourself. That's what I ment, just thought the auto ID and name would prevent it.
  5. What's on your mind?hello why do none of mt posts ever show, since 12/16/2010

    1. dencorso


      Now they are showing again. But since there were just 3 identical missing posts, only the older one was left.

    2. blackturbokitty


      Another good question is why this appears repeatedly even though it was posted over a year ago.

  6. hello why do none of mt posts ever show, since 12/16/2010

  7. Hi Fernando, I have a problem installing Xp32 through the Marvell 6121 eSATA. I can get as far as two thirds of the blue ribbon on the first lap in detecting and instlling devices. I had the same problem with Xp64 so I used the orange silicon image sata ports in drive expert single mode. and was able to install. I would like to use those ports for two SSDs in raid which leaves me with the Marvell. Any thoughts? ASUS P5Q-E AHCI10R wxpsp3ao2.ini
  8. well when I installed a moded xp 64 on it I didn't have much trouble, but xp 32 is being a pain I dropped the Marvell driver in the hotfix space in nLite and so far I am only able to get it to install as far as detecting & installing devices. The progress bar is about two thirds across on its first lap. Been sitting there for about an hour now. So for now I 'm at the wall. chek put my ini[attachment=32300:wxpsp3ao2.ini
  9. ASUS had to use a Marvell 6121 SATA controller for my eSATA port on my P5Q-E. So in order for me to set up my 6 intel SATA internals to AHCI I have to hook an optical to the Marvell and install from there. The problem as I suppose alot of you know is the Mavell driver is 2 exe files along with ini files and I don't know what goes with what, or at least which set to use and how to set them up to install in the image. So here I am all broken hearted, tried to nLite but only farted. any help please?
  10. throbert

    one OS two PCs

    I have 2 PCs, one with an ASUS MAximus Extreme and the other witha P5Q-E. If I was to combine the drivers in nlite, Would it work? Has any one been successful or attempted it?
  11. I installed sp64 sp2 on 2 racks but I only have 1 key . Where can I find a legal key or copy to use the key from. Every where I find one the price is way high everything else looks illegal. Called Activation to see if I could get a break and some guy in India answered.
  12. Thanks Fernando, yout guide works great. all drives are running fine in AHCI mode. Now I all I have to do is get the OS to work worth a ****.
  13. here's a ini you can check out it was set up by by a music pc guru named DUX. it will take all the non esetials out and leave you with a very basic OS
  14. Gotcha, thank you I know you have heard this many times, but I just wanted to let you know how much I Appreciate you setting this up aswell as keeping it maintained Thanks throbert
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