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Office 2003 + Win98

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I found a way to install Office 2003 in Win98.

Setup now works, but none of the programs can run because of missing dependencies in MSO.DLL:


- CheckTokenMembership

- ConvertSidToStringSidA

- ConvertSidToStringSidW

- ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptorW

- DecryptFileW

- EncryptFileW

- LsaClose

- LsaNtStatusToWinError

- LsaOpenPolicy

- LsaRetrievePrivateData

- LsaStorePrivateData


- VerSetConditionMask

- VerifyVersionInfoW


- GetLastInputInfo

- SetLayeredWindowAttributes


To install Office, you (may) need:

- Win98SE

- Gape Service Pack v3.0 beta 4

- MDGx 98SE2ME 2-14-2009

- Xeno86 KernelEx v4.0 Final 2

(thank you all)

- Orca (MSI editor)

- Office 2003 Professional Setup

How to install:

- Copy Office CD in a new directory on HDD.

- Open PRO11.MSI with Orca.

- Delete these lines:

InstallExecuteSequence \ CheckOperatingSystem

InstallUISequence \ CheckOperatingSystem

SecureObjects \ InjectorService (2 lines)

- If KernelEx is disabled by default, open Registry Editor, navigate to HKLM\Software\KernelEx\AppSettings\Flags and add a new DWORD value:

*\MSI*.TMP = 0

- Doubleclick PRO11.MSI to install.

If everything is ok, setup will install Office with no errors. Too bad it can't run, but I hope this problem can be fixed too. :hello:

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Hmm doesnt work fore me but maybe ill try abit more later when i have less stuff to do.

Error 2707. An internal error has occurred. (npoffice )

Perhaps you could get MSO.dll from Publisher 2003 standalone because that was supposed to actually support 98,

but the office 2002 MSO.dll is probably just as good

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I downloaded the update but there's only SHAREDff.msp inside. I can't extract it, nor install it.

Even if I replaced that file, I'm sure it won't work. That would be too easy. :rolleyes::whistle:

awergh, please create a log.

msiexec /i pro11.msi /L*v!C:\log.txt

Edited by Marius '95
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Can't you open the MSP with 7-Zip?
I think he cannot. But with MsiX.EXE he can all right! :D
@RetroOS: I guess MsiX.EXE, a fantastic command-line tool, able to extract files from .msi, .msm and .msp installation files is indicated, and may help you at this point. Give it a try! Find it here: Heath Stewart's Patch Files Extractor
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7-Zip can extract MSI's and MSP's as well. Unless you still use some ancient version. But MsiX is neat too. :thumbup

@beats & PROBLEMCHYLD: Yes, I can now confirm 7-Zip is able to open .msi and .msp, thanks for the heads up.

Last time I tried it, it could not... then I updated 7-Zip many times, but never again tried to open such a file with it, so I wasn't aware of it. Thanks a lot, you both rock! :thumbup

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Hello! I've tryied what the OP says to modify the installation, but after deleting those entries, when I open the MSI in 98 it says "Error opening this installation package. " and tells me to check with the administrator if this package is valid.


The original .MSI also says the same... But it works nice in Win7. Maybe do I need an upgrade to MSIInstaller?

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