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vLite + Hotfixes Error


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I get the following error when I attempt to intergrate hotfixes using vLite.

I didnt get the error before, but I do not. I have tried to trace back everything I have done and or changed with no success.

Ive tried to google the error also with no success.

Thanks in advance


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In Win7 there is a tool DISM to integrate fixes and drivers either offline (before install) or online (in working system). You can also remove components, activate or deactivate features with this tool. It is part of operating system. You can find the description on MS technet, in deployment tools section.

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Vlite is incompatible with windows 7, as it's not the same as Vista. They share some common things but anyhow vlite will break some functions ect. in windows 7 compared to vista.

Use Dism or tools already made to integrate hotfixed and updates to windows 7

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