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  1. If you mean which hotfixes ? I have tried many of them in different combinations and still get the same error. Thanks
  2. I get the following error when I attempt to intergrate hotfixes using vLite. I didnt get the error before, but I do not. I have tried to trace back everything I have done and or changed with no success. Ive tried to google the error also with no success. Thanks in advance
  3. Yes, I am looking for the same... A very stripped down version of win7 which includes Media Center only. I am in the process of creating one, but will take time since I have much to learn. Tester
  4. Moons, again thanks for your quick response and help. I am not sure what is up with the ini, I must have posted the wrong one. But yes, I typically first add Xable Pack, MS engine, WGVA, IE7, hotfixes and then rest. I install those listed hotfixes because they are hotfixes which still show up in ms update after the Xable Pack. Thanks on the onepiece version update and the new DX9. Not sure on the aspi, Ive always installed it. Regardless, at this point my first task is to find out how to delete these folders, then root cause the issue. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the response Moons I have tried unlocker serveral times, no go. Please see attachment. I do set it to delete on bootup, but no go. Also attached is the ini Last_Session.ini
  6. I have an XP Pro SP3 streamline DVD and using nLite to stream addons only... The rest is done through sif file. Everything works, however, once in a while I end up with the following directories on my E drive ( please see attached screenshot). I believe these to be directories created by hotfixes, but I cannot delete them.. They seem to be system files now. I tried to track them down through svchost, but cannot locate the dll files. Any idea how to delete them or how I can stop them from being created ? THanks
  7. Download the Xupdatepackage again, it was fixed this weekend.
  8. Slipstreamed SP2 with original XP CD, copied winnt.sif from my SP1 CD over to i386. When my install.cmd kicks in at first desktop, I get a RPC server error, it will sometimes also ask me for my SP2 CD I originally deleted many of the added SP2 directories like WIN9XUPG and WINNTUGP, but have put those back in. I started from scratch and have not deleted any files, no used nlite and still getting same error. My XP SP1 CD works just fine. Any suggestions, pulling my hair over this one. Thanks much
  9. Nevermind, there is no fix to it, all U can do is just delete that folder. Just do a search for quicktime, U will see posts on this same problem and how some users were able to delete the folder. So far, I have not been able to find a way to get quicktime to stop creating this folder. Unless U use quicktime alternative that is. Tester
  10. I have this same exact problem but have not been able to figure out what is causing it. Tester
  11. Latino U ask ?? Born and raised in Argentina living in Chicago, USA for the last 25 years.

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