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Incorporating drivers


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Hi again!

I'm incorporating my drivers into Nlite but found a problem and I need some help solving it.

I'm trying to figure out which drivers are actually installed in my notebook, since when I explore the drivers CD I find out drivers not only for my hardware but also for all other hardware models of the manufacturer.

When I go to Hardware Manager -> Hardware (say Soundcard) -> Drivers ->Driver Details: I don't find any .INF files but a list of .SYS .AX .EXE and .DLL. Most of them are Windows drivers and just a few belong to the manufacturer of the hardware.

How can I find out which drivers .INF are actually running in my notebook?

Is it enough only to copy this .INF into NLite in order to get de whole driver?

If I understood correctly, if I want also the "Manager" (ex. Catalist Manager for Ati cards) of the driver with GUI and all the "decoration", I'll need to make an unattended install and not just install the .INF files. Right?



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Yes I did. I find a general driver installer for all drivers of all hardware models.

in the files, I find a LOT of .INF files and a setup.exe.

That's why I would like to know which of all the .INF is the one actually installed in the computer.

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Thanks a lot for the Tips!

I tried Driver Grabber and worked beautifully!

Now I have a directoy with load of subdirectories for each hardware. In them I find CAT, SYS, DLL and EXE files.

When I integrate the driver to Nlite, I only have to load the INF files or do I have to put them all together?



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