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Ahh, that explains the surge in popularity


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The past 2 days have seen me get a lot of emails from the xpize website seeking support; I didn't think much of it: I just thought my users were getting stupider.

But no... it turns out we've been featured on LifeHacker, and from there other sites have picked it up.

It's worth pointing out that LifeHacker only published their story yesterday, but they got it from another (less popular) site who published it in July, who in turn got it from Long Zheng's istartedsomething, and Long only ran that story on xpize because he owed me a favour (that... and he's a personal friend of mine anyway).

So yeah. I'm famous, woo!

In case anyone's wondering: Lifehacker has given me 12,000 more daily visitors.

I can also announce that the number of xpize 5R6 installs has now surpassed 13,000, and my servers are now pulling 8mbps (95th percentile) let's see how long this'll go on before I get hit with the bandwidth bill.

Maybe I should bring back the PayPal Donations thing?

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I also notice that many people (from, well, everywhere) are misunderstanding what the purpose of XPize is. Many think it's just a new theme and that it takes more resources. Lifehacker comments explain quite a lot. (And a bunch of folks don't notice the changes made. Which is supposed to be good, because it means it a consistent GUI, but for those who never had a problem originally, they could have cared less.)

I also notice a bit more activity (discussions and issue tracker) activity back on CodePlex. All in all, this is a good thing :D .

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