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XPize corrupts WinXP CD


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integration to i386 does not seem to work as expected. Did not have this problem with 4.x branch.

The procedure I usually follow is to apply XPize to XP CD and then run nLite over it to remove stuff.

With XPize 5, it complains about several files (eg. syssetup.dll, uxtheme.dll etc) and even though the procedure finishes, the created CD does not install properly.

XP version I tried all this with was x32 Greek w/ SP3.

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I agree, version 5R6 is extremely temperamental, version 4.7 was much better. Its hit and miss when trying to XPize source files with more misses than hits. It absolutely does not work under XP Pro x64 meaning it appears to work but corrupts source files. Under XP Pro x86 results are equally poor. It seems files are randomly corrupted, everytime I created a new DVD its a different file that is corrupted. Once I got to 13 minutes to go (registering components) when the installation hung. Using an unXPized DVD installs without any problems.

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With respect, xpize 4.7 does not support XP SP3 or XP x64 at all... just saying :)

Patching I386 files itself is a temperamental process and cannot patch as well as a post-install run (e.g. making registry changes). For this reason, I'll remove I386 patching from the next release, if there is one. Also, I think it's better to have trustworthy and unadulterated installation images.

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