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11. Do not use CAPITALIZATIONS in the topic title or when participating in threads because they will not attract attention - instead it will annoy many of MSFN's members. Using unnecessary font formatting (i.e., bold font, increased font sizes, colored fonts, etc.) on the full body of posts is also discouraged.

12. Very often we see meaningless subjects in topic title. They give no clue of what the posts are all about. For example:

* Oh no!

* Help

* I'm mad

* Please help

* Question

* I need your help

* Hmmmm....

This should be avoided. Users should enter something more specific in the topic title so that it is easier for others to help.

A few good examples:

* Strange problem with DirectX9b redist

* RunOnceEx install problem (double installation)

* Change Internet Explorer's Icon back to default

also not only is your topic title vague, your thread is too. please describe in detail what it is you are wanting. This isnt twitter you can use more than 140 characters.

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